There’s Hope

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Spending the weekend in the village has been refreshing. I love the setting, the vegetation, the air, the space. Oh, yeah, am not yet enjoying those privileges in town, but one day, maybe. I had to say that because you might be thinking ‘where do you live? My house has the most serene environment?’ well, thank God for your house, there are so many people in the city who know not of space nor silence. That’s not the point, today I will share two observations I have made in my village. Not so much has changed, it’s still the familiar place I grew up in, but two things stood out for me.

There’s a family known to me since childhood, they have gone through so many trials, harsh seasons and loses. Growing up, I remember going there for so many funerals. The children could not even afford to come to school, and when they did, they came with tattered clothes, only to be sent back home for school fees. There came a time when even the people who used to support those children gave up on them. The villagers thought that family as cursed, because of the many bad things happening. Every time I was home from boarding school, I would recognize those faces around. So yesterday I met that same familiar face, but older, and for the first time with a smile. After the Sunday service, this lady walks towards me with the biggest smile ever. She introduces herself and I stood in awe. She is now a teacher, has a family of her own and serves in church. She told me, ‘I’m not the richest person in this village, but God has changed my story, He has given me joy, peace and a reason to live.’

On the same day heading home, I noticed a piece of land that had never been tilled since I was born. All the time the owner said it was useless. Everything planted there never sprouted; in fact they also said it was cursed because of the unproductivity. There was a time we were warned not to even step on it, you couldn’t walk through it, lest you catch the curse. So I am now walking on that familiar road and I don’t even recognize the farm because it is green: Full of vegetables, bananas and other crops. The beauty was overwhelming. I had to ask twice if that was the same cursed land. I was told it was, and the owner just decided to try planting, then a miracle happened.

By the time I got home, I knew that the Lord wanted me to be assured of ‘Hope’. There is hope! No matter how hopeless the situation is, no matter how worse it seems to be getting, there is hope. ‘At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail.’ (Job 14:7) Be assured, it is not over for you. No matter how long you have waited, no matter how bad it seems, God’s promises for you will come to pass. The enemy will try discourage you, causing you to focus on what is not working, on what has stagnated, but today I need you to arise and declare that there is hope. There is hope for you. There’s hope for your marriage. There’s hope for your career. There’s hope for your health. There’s hope for your education. There’s hope for that ministry. There’s hope for that business. There’s hope for our nation. Whatever it is you are facing, declare that there’s Hope.

May you abound in HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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