The Wisdom Of The Crowds

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A friend introduced me to the series ‘wisdom of the crowd’ this is the kind that contains you on the couch until all the available episodes are over. In the series, a technological innovator, Jeffery is searching for his daughter’s murderers. Instead of getting help from professional investigators, he invents a crowdsourcing application that gets the opinions of random strangers, who collectively solve many other cases. The definition of ‘Wisdom of the crowds is the idea that large groups of people are collectively smarter than individual experts when it comes to problem-solving.’ In that series it works so well. You would actually download that app if it existed. I have no idea how the series ended, I got tired of waiting for more episodes. (This is where I need the wisdom of the crowds, should I look for it and watch till the end?)  

In real life, I have seen people applying the wisdom of the crowds, especially in relationships. A man asks a lady out, the lady rushes to her girls for wisdom, so the girls start scrutinizing the man and giving advice whether the man is good enough for their girl. Some even ask for a meeting with the man and question him as though he is applying for a job. It also happens to men, when a man has to consult his boys club before making such moves. Maybe that is not a random crowd, so let me get closer home and ask; how many times we have consulted social media for major decisions in life? We live in times when strangers are making decisions for us just because they are experts, or just because they have experience. Don’t get me wrong, seeking advice is very much okay, consulting experts is great, but there is a greater wisdom that no man has.

The wisdom of the crowd does not work in the spiritual realm, let’s take Noah for example, what if he consulted the crowds? Exactly! He would have missed out of God’s instruction which sounded ridiculous according to experts. Mary too, after being visited by the angel, what is she decided to go consult her girls on what they thought about her being pregnant  before marriage, actually before ever being with a man? We have no idea how it would have turned out. The only wisdom we need is God’s, He says in James 1:5; “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” That is the wisdom we should seek.

Where do you find your counsel? Whom do you consult? Even when the crowds seem to be right, even when they present all the facts: What works in movies don’t often apply in real life. Human understanding fails, we should put our trust in human wisdom but trust in the Lord with all our hearts. Instead of looking for wisdom everywhere else, it is easier to seek God’s wisdom just where you are. He guides and instructs, He never second guesses, He does not play around with our minds. He is God our creator; He knows what’s best for us. Trust Him. His wisdom is great and He fails not.


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