The Unlike Button

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However much you try pleasing everyone, it is not possible. Some people don’t like you for no reason at all, they met you or saw you online and just decided that you are not their cup of tea. Some don’t like you because of what they have heard about you, some because of how you look like and others because of the experiences they have had with you. Before you sulk, look closely around you, you also don’t like everybody, you have valid reasons for some, and no reason at all for others. That’s life.

I remember being given a new program on radio that would disrupt the normal routine, I was to start something completely new that would either make the listeners really happy or make them really mad. Day one was the worst, some people did not like it, and they gave very negative feedback, with no trace of love. One told me to go back where I had come from. (hahaha, right now I am laughing as I write this, but at that time I cried) It was a painful three hours but I never gave up, before I knew it, some had accepted the change, but some never did. In fact they always popped in just to say how much I have ruined their day. Let me give you another example, something you can confirm right away. Get on YouTube and check out your favourite video, it may have a million likes, but there are some dislikes. Please start with my videos (My YouTube show -50 years of marriage)

No one can please everybody. The more you try the more you lose yourself. Stop trying, even when you change, not everybody will like the change. But were we meant to please people anyway? Where did we go wrong? As a child of God you cannot yearn to please God and people at the same time. One will suffer. The world may pull you to the right as God instructs you to go to the left. You have to make a decision. You have to be comfortable with the unlike button coming your way as you glorify God. One Bible verse that has kept me on track is John 5:41 “I do not accept glory from human beings…” It reminds me that I was not created to seek the praises of men. It assured me that when I seek the glory of God He will cause the right people to like me.

Even Jesus did not please everyone, despite loving people and going good to them, He was still spat on and crucified. All for the Glory of God: For God’s will to be accomplished. We should therefore endeavor to please only our creator. People pleasing will cause you to hide the truth; it will cause you to lose your focus in serving God whole heartedly. Please God in your actions, speech and thoughts. Don’t compromise your faith and values to make anyone happy; don’t change the gospel to make people like you. They still won’t and you will gain nothing at all.

May the Lord help us all to surrender totally to Him, even if it makes us attract the dislike button.


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