The Unexpected Sign

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When I see expectant celebrities all over the world, I expect the child to be born in very expensive hospitals and have the best child care in the world. I have seen children have rooms bigger than my entire house, having toys worth more than my net worth. Once I saw one hire a limousine to bring the baby home from the hospital. That is the way children of important people are born and raised. It is the expected sign.

It’s Christmas day, a day that we celebrate the birth of a king; our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He was a very important child and maybe the expectation was that He was to be born in a palace and receive the best care. Wait, maybe the mother was to be a woman with parenting experience, to raise Jesus. But that was not the case…

An angel appears to the shepherds watching their flock at night and gave them an unexpected sign. “And this will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger” Well, how can a king be born in a manger? What if the shepherds thought it was a big joke and chose not to follow the star?

God works in unexpected ways. This Christmas the sign He is showing you may not be what you expected. Maybe you already know how your miracle should be presented to you. But that is not how it usually works, Gods ways are not ours, His wisdom is not like ours.

I pray today that we shall be obedient to God’s signs, no matter how unexpected and abnormal they seem. Like the shepherds, we shall not be afraid to follow the star and find the manger. That we shall be confident even when it seems strange because even in strange situations, God’s purpose prevails.

Merry Christmas

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