The Silent Majority

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The political heat wave is on in Kenya. Emotions are high and each day someone or something is trending. The church included. All I need to do to cause chaos, even within the Christian circles, is to mention my preferred presidential candidate. That’s all. The intolerance especially on social media is too high. If you say anything good about a political aspirant it is automatically interpreted as hating the other ones. Then we have men of cloth publicly declaring their political stand causing mayhem in their congregations. We are quick to share and comment on everything that goes wrong and slow to talk about what is being done right and what should be done better. It is complicated! But hey, we keep talking. We keep playing our roles.

When opinion polls publish their findings, we keep talking about the ‘silent majority’ who are apparently going to shock us after elections. Because no one knows their stand. Well, today I have discovered another group with the same title, ‘silent majority’. A group of Christians who have buried their heads under the sand, because of fear, fear of being rejected, being misunderstood, being judged, being labelled, being fought. Don’t be fooled, they are logged in, reading every post, watching the videos, reading the comments, following every trend, but saying nothing. Even when an opportunity presents itself to be the voice of reason, they don’t speak, because, ‘they don’t want to be involved”

When the world begs for the voice of the church, it is not about a particular preacher who should talk. It is the voice of the body of Christ. You are part of that body. Your voice means something. If we all keep quiet thinking it makes us look more mature, then we are creating space for other voices to be magnified. I have seen a few people talk about peace and prayer, this is very good and encouraging. Many churches have come together in this season to advocate for peace and tolerance. Then there is you, as an individual Christian, are you undermining your voice and falling under the ‘silent majority?’

When it comes to the weather, I see many Christians comment on how they are freezing. When the world is talking about sports, many Christians have something to say. We are quick to share jokes and funny memes, but when critical matters arise we suddenly shy away. You may be looking down upon yourself, wondering if you have any impact. Today be reminded that you are a member of the body of Christ. You are very important, and your voice matters. Maybe all you need is to post an encouraging Bible verse, a prayer, a word of blessing upon Kenya. It may not get one million likes, but someone will be impacted. Maybe all you need to do is encourage your peers to be peacemakers, and be the sober voice in the political debates around you.

It is during search times that our saltiness should be felt as the salt of the earth. If the silent majority speaks, the nation will focus more on the God of peace. If the silent majority says no to dirty politics and propaganda, then the nation will experience sober politics and focus on issues. If the silent majority, advocates for the right to vote, more people will register as voters. God has given us so many platforms; let us use them for His glory. Let us be seen loving those with different preferences. Let us be seen praying together and being responsible citizens in this season.

May the Lord help us to discern the times and seasons, to know clearly what to say and not hide our lamps under the table in fear. May He grant us courage to be the light.


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  1. AMEN sister this conversation is of great impact to every body of Christ to know their stand and authority in governance of our country through raising their voice.Shalom

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