The Power of The Feet

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‘Oh be careful little feet where you go, Oh be careful little feet where you go, For the father up above, is looking down on earth, So be careful little feet where you go’

Our feet play a very big role in positioning us either for good or for evil. When I was younger, my parents warned me against going to some places. I thought doing some things would be their greatest worry, but then some of those things could only be done in particular places, places my feet were not supposed to go. I tried modifying their rules and ended up in trouble. I have heard some people claim their strength in salvation saying, I will go but I won’t do anything. I will go to that ladies house but I won’t do anything, I will go to the pub but I won’t touch anything. Well, there’s power in going. Our feet have power.

Proverbs 4:27 says that we should turn our feet away from evil. Well, we know that it all begins in the mind, it orders the feet to walk away, but if the feet do not obey then the mind won’t come down and walk. I remember talking to a lady who was heading to a man’s house, it was late in the evening, so she knew that her chances of spending the night there were very high, plus the chances of sleeping together were also very high. She kept convincing herself that nothing will happen, but we both knew that something would happen. The only thing she needed to do was the actual walking away: Practical turning around with her feet and going back to her house.

Most of the regrets I have heard of start with, ‘I shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.’ This means that we always have a choice on where to go. Other times we are asked ‘What were you doing there?’ Especially as children of God, when a scandal arises, it is because someone walked in the wrong place. Many times we walk into sin, knowingly and unknowingly. Since the devil is moving around looking for someone to devour, he will entice us to go to places where we can easily fall into sin or wrong counsel. He tempts us using our own desires. So the next time you walk into your temptation zone claiming that you are strong enough, remember, you cannot play with fire and not get burnt. Again, turn your feet from evil.

As a child of God, where you are coming from does not really matter, what matters is where you are going. Apart from being careful on where our physical feet are taking us, we should also be alert to following the right direction spiritually. Knowing where God wants us to go and obeying His voice. When we go where God directs us to go, His glory manifests, His power is made known. May our feet be the beautiful feet that carry good news, may we not be found walking in the counsel of sinners but walking in the truth that is in God’s word. As you get ready to leave, ask yourself, are my feet carrying good news? Is my walk approved by the Lord? Will my final destination be filled with God’s presence? Then ask again.

I started with a famous Sunday school rhyme; we should be careful where we go, because it will determine what we do. God is looking; we cannot hide from His presence. Your feet have power. Use that power to carry the good news of Christ.


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  1. This is bitter truth. In Ephesians 10:15 The bible says, And your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. May the Lord help me.

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