The Other Side of the Coin

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She definitely does not like the guy, she called me wondering how she should end their ‘relationship’. I was confused, the guy had sacrificed a lot for her, as we spoke she was in his house, playing ‘wife’. So for years, the two had been together, the man was serious about the relationship, but the lady admitted she was never into the guy; she only stayed in the relationship because of the gifts and favours she received. You wouldn’t want to be that man, he loved and sacrificed, he was ready to do anything for this lady, but the lady’s heart was distant. Which option would you take, painfully let her go and start over, or keep the lady knowing very well that she does not love you.

We all desire honest relationships with people who care for us as much as we do, those who are willing to forgive us and love us through the journeys of life. That is what we long for, and that is what we ought to be as well.The truth is that earthy relationships can be painful. They are filled with disappointment and frustrations; that is why as much as we may feel loved and appreciated by people, our eyes should be on God: The author of love’ the one who never disappoints. Relationships are built on love, commitment and trust.

We are sure of God’s love and sacrifice in John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting’ We are assured of His faithfulness since the times of Abraham and Sarah and all generations after. We are sure that He will never leave us and He will never forsake us. We are sure that God is not pretending, He is into the relationship and daily shows it. What about you? What about the other side of the relationship?

Since God is constant, we are the ones who decide to move, either close to Him or away from Him. Since His motives and intentions are right, we are the ones who might be having other ambitions in the relationship. One side of the coin is already perfect, what about the other side? what about your side?

We grieve the Holy Spirit when we pretend to be godly, just for the blessings and favours. When we stick around yet we are not into the relationship. May God help us and teach us to love Him. To obey His commands and strive to please Him in all we do. May we be slaves to righteousness, committed to the relationship because He loved us first and loving him back brings forth bigger benefits. Choose today how close you will get to God, choose today how much you will sacrifice for this relationship to thrive, choose today why you are sticking around.


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