The Night We Will Never Forget

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The night was ‘normal’, we did all we were supposed to do and retired to bed. In a short while we were all asleep, silence swept through the apartment. (This is way before the pandemic; the neighbours are now fighting boredom with loud music) Few minutes past midnight, there was a loud bang followed by explosions. We all woke up shaking, not knowing what to do, (my daughter was sleep-walking, she had no idea what was going on) Neighbours were screaming and jumping from their balconies to the ground. It was scary; a friend who lives nearby called me asking what was going on. I asked him to come for us, and he surely came; we were all hiding in some corner (My husband was not home, I am sure if he was we would not hide with him in a corner). The friend came for us and we spent the rest of the night in his house with his family. We also found out that the chaos had been caused by an electric fault.

Arriving at our friend’s house, I realized that I had left the house only with my phone, I was still in my pajamas. I was still shaking, because I thought we had been attacked and the explosions were gun shots.  On the other hand, my daughter, while I was opening the door for our hero who came to our rescue, had the time to put on clothes and even pick a jacket and her toothbrush. I could not believe this, her room was next to the explosions, yet she went back to dress up. She was calm throughout, no tears, no wailing and no questions. She said, ‘I couldn’t go out looking like that’. I learnt then that I am the scared one, Is that what the Bible refers to as the peace that surpasses all human understanding?

In the midst of chaos, God expects us to trust in Him and to find peace in Him. He tells us when we choose to pray and give thanks instead of being anxious, He will grant us peace.  That night I learnt that saying prayers out loud and screaming does not help, all I needed was to trust in God. I also learnt that nothing should be treated as ‘normal’. Going to sleep and waking up the next day is a miracle, having food to eat and clothes to wear is a miracle, going to work and coming back home is a miracle, speaking, walking, breathing and touching is a miracle. I learnt to appreciate every blessing and to be still even in storms because God is control.

Today I desire that your faith will increase. That you will experience God’s peace and you will even have the courage to go dress up and look good when others are jumping from balconies. That when everyone else is wailing, you will smile in silence knowing that God is watching over you. May God open your eyes to see the miracles around you daily, that you will count your blessings and name theme one by one.


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  1. Wow,that’s what God expects of us trust him fully.Yield our faith in him in the midst of all that is happening.

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