The New Book

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Having a new book is a heavenly experience for me. The smell of a new book, the thought of writing on the first page, the neatness; I love it! Every time I have a new note book am careful where to place it, I make sure as I write on the first page, I have the right pen, I’ am seated in the right posture. In school my least favourable subject seemed awesome when having a new book. I believed I could actually turn it into my favourate subject. Since I love reading, it applies to the books I read. When I begin, I always take notes and highlight the parts that excite me. I store it well and even wipe often to get rid of any dust. Well, by chapter three, it is not that special, I can pick it later when it falls.

With my daughter, it happens with shoes. New shoes are her everything. They will no step on mud; they will not be worn any random day. They will be stored at the cleanest spot. In fact she doesn’t mind having them on in bed. She even googles ‘How to wash’ that’s specific type, just to make sure it stays fresh. But in three months, the shoes are all over, they are not special anymore, they are kicked from one room to the other because they are too dirty to be touched.

I compare my new books and her new shoes to January: The new month of the year. The only month that truly understands resolutions. The month that understands prayer and fasting. The month that has a good taste of great habits: healthy eating, exercising, spending time with the right people, completing tasks on time; budgeting and living within one’s means; focus; consistent prayer and Bible reading; fellowship, we can go on and on. Oh, if I were a month I would be January. The years is still special, it is handled with care. Then comes February and the rest of the year, nothing is special anymore. Things can go whichever way, as we strive to survive till the next year.

We have a chance to do differently this year. That we will not let 2020 lose its uniqueness. We will keep the zeal in fasting and prayer. We will not toss our relationship with God whichever direction is suitable for us. Those habits that we began the year with will be sustained even after January. Our focus will remain on the things above and not on the things below. God did not create us for January only; He has tasks for us the rest of the year. In fact he says in Psalm 139:16 ‘all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.’ He still speaks in February; you can still fats in March. You should still go for prayer services in June. Those career, health and personal goals should still be worked on in September. That farvour and zeal should continue.

January is over, but 2020 is still special. God is with you each step of the way, keep moving. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Keep working; keep the focus. May God help us all. Teach us Lord to number our days.


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  1. awesome Rawder you have always remained and inspiration to me from the time you were a presenter at hope fm . God bless you . lots of love

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