The Lord Himself Will Provide.

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It is a common thing when one is in need to have ideas of where help is to come from. Some even have a list of people they can always call or run to when in trouble. When our people cannot help, then we get disappointed and even mad at them. I remember planning my wedding, I did not have a wedding committee to raise any funds, instead I wrote messages to my twenty friends and family who I knew could not wait to support. Most of them did not even reply my message, others made promises they never kept and very few supported us financially and even showed up for the wedding. I cannot forget the prayers I made in that season, telling God to show up Himself. Indeed He did and He provided all that we needed.

In Genesis 22, Abraham is with his son Isaac, he is heading to the place God had instructed him to go and sacrifice his only son. On the way Isaac is concerned that they have the fire and the wood but no lamb. His father replies that ‘God Himself Will Provide’ at this point, he knew that there was no lamb, his son was the offering. By faith he declared that the Lord Himself will provide and at the end, God actually provides a lamb and proves that he fears God and is willing to surrender all he has to Him. I am always amazed by such great faith; Abraham had already built an altar, arranged the wood and bound his son. An angel stopped him when he was almost slaughtering Isaac.

Have you ever been at a place where you have no idea where provision will come from? I have had seasons of lack, wondering where rent, food, school fees or even fare will come from. I have reached out to people and been disappointed. I have come to the conclusion that only God is the ultimate source. Today I want to encourage you to look to the ultimate source and declare that ‘The Lord Himself will provide!’ He knows where your miracle is, he knows where your support is, so seek Him for direction. Our physical eyes are misleading; we are fooled when we walk by sight because it is not clear enough. But if we walk by faith in obedience like Abraham, we shall see God’s provision.

God is personally involved in your life. Trust Him with your needs, and He will provide the right thing at the right time. Do not be anxious about anything, God Himself will provide. All we need to do is love Him above all else and trust in His ways, examine your life today, as much as we declare that God Himself will provide, are we ready to build an altar, arrange the wood and sacrifice what we probably love most?  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind and all your strength. Trust in His power to provide.

Philippians 4:19 ‘But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.’


2 thoughts on “The Lord Himself Will Provide.

  1. Hi Rawder
    I’ve been reading your devotional emails daily and you have been a blessing to me. Like today I feel my week shall be of supernatural supply. I also share them with around 100 friends and they tell me its a big blessing, may the Lord bless you for us.
    I’m grateful for the work you’re doing and a big inspiration too.

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