The Little Foxes

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Ever heard of Edward Payson? He is an American man who walked from New York to San Francisco at the age of seventy. He covered forty miles a day going through unbearable heat conditions, headwinds, walking up mountains and across barren deserts. This happened in 1909 but is still referred to as one of the radical things a human being has ever done. In an interview, Edward Payson was asked to name the toughest part of his trip and he shocked anyone by saying it was ‘the sand in his shoes’. Many expected him to mention ‘bigger challenges’ like the weather and fatigue. But he said the sand in his shoes almost made him give up.

In Songs of Solomon 2:15, the love Solomon has for a Shulamite woman is described, and like any other relationship with bumps and bruises. Solomon says ‘Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.’  He indicates that some little things are coming up against their blossoming love, trying to eat up the young shoots.

I don’t know much about foxes but I have done some digging, well, little foxes look so cute and harmless, they don’t seem to be able to cause much harm. But grape-owners always have to catch them and kill them; this is because they are not as harmless as they appear. In a vineyard, they are destroyers; they chew away roots, bite off new shoots and even eat the fruit as it develops.

The vineyard here represents your fruitfulness, your growth, your prosperity. Sometimes we are so much concerned about the ‘big’ sins that hinder us from growth, but in reality we are being hindered by ‘small’ things. Things that we overlook as harmless, things that are not sinful at all, those that are permissible but not profitable. ( 1 Corinthians 10:23)  Those small daily habits that are not helping us in any way. It could be your attitude, your speech, your time management, your associations, your financial management, your leisure or even your thoughts: That is what ‘little foxes’ represent in this context. That friend seems harmless, but is he/she profiting you? That website you frequently visit seems very clean, but is it growing you? It’s time to ask yourself, what are the little foxes in your life that are destroying your vineyard?

Don’t overlook the little foxes, don’t overlook the sand in the shoes; those small habits are eating away the vine of your life, as harmless as they seem, they are taking away your fruitfulness.


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