The Joy Of Sheep

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Sometimes I wonder why God compares us to sheep. Sheep are known to be one the dumbest of all creatures. They cannot think on their own, if their leader runs and falls into a ditch, they will all run right into the ditch. They cannot survive on their own, their only survival skill is to depend on their shepherd, so in the wild, a sheep cannot make it .In summary, we know sheep as dumb, directionless and defenseless. Sheep are always eating grass, they eat to finish, most of the time they focus on one area and eat until the shepherd moves them, I was told that at times they get so much focused on eating and pay no attention to what other sheep are up to. In fact, the shepherd has to make them lie down so that the food is digested, because it cannot be digested while standing. They are also scared of drowning in moving water, so they only drink from quite waters.

Sometimes I wonder why farmers keep sheep, with all their complications and demands. Why not keep chicken, or cows, or even pigs? But I have come to realize that having all the information a farmer needs about sheep helps them maintain and sustain them. More knowledge about the sheep makes them good shepherds and the sheep in return trust them.

The Bible compares human beings to sheep, but there are different kinds of sheep. We have the sheep with a shepherd and the sheep without a shepherd. The sheep without a shepherd is confused and directionless, that’s who we were before Jesus died on the cross for us, before we got saved. Sheep are born followers, so if there is no leader to defend and show them direction, then they will not survive. If you are reading this and you are this kind of sheep, it’s time to surrender to your shepherd, He is a good shepherd, He will make you lie down in green pastures and lead you beside quiet waters. You will have no fear of hunger or drowning.

For us who have accepted Jesus as Lord and savior, we are not dumb, we are not stupid, we are not directionless and we are definitely not defenseless. We have a perfect shepherd. Stop comparing yourself to the sheep without a shepherd; you are one of a kind in the shepherd’s eyes.  You are part of His precious flock and you know His voice. He is your provision and protection. You are wise because you seek wisdom from God, you have direction because you trust in God with all your heart, you are covered, the sun will not harm you by day nor the moon by night, your good shepherd takes care of you. So when we say God compares us to sheep, it depends with which sheep you are.

He makes us lie down in green pastures because at times we are more focused on eating; the process of making us can be painful but it is for our good. Sometimes He keeps us waiting before leading us in quite waters because moving waters will drown us, again, for our own good. There is joy in obeying our perfect shepherd. Today, block other voices and pay attention to your shepherd’s voice. Then do exactly what He tells you to do.

If a farmer enjoys keeping sheep having known the how to from books and experience, how much more does God delight in taking care of us having created us and known us before we were born?


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  1. Amen and Amen! Indeed the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want… More grace and fresh anointing to you Rawder.

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