The fear of looking stupid

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I came across this wonderful quote. ‘The fear of looking stupid is actually making you look stupid’. At first I did not understand this fear, but a few minutes later I experienced it in my inbox. It represented itself as ‘what will people say?’ and ‘what will people think?’ This question is a dream killer. It has stopped people from living out their purpose and moving on to the next level.

You want to keep fit, but you fear looking stupid at the gym. You desire to serve in church but many people know about your past and you fear looking stupid. You desire to start a ministry but you fear looking stupid if people don’t show up. God has called you to preach in public buses, but you fear looking stupid. You desire to get married but you fear looking stupid asking that lady out. Your marriage is on the rocks but you will look stupid at the counselor’s office. You want to get saved but you fear looking stupid raising your hand in church. The fear of looking stupid is holding you back.

Look at Noah, he had to look stupid to be saved from the flood. Mary looked stupid as a pregnant virgin; for you and I to be saved. Abraham looked stupid heading to sacrifice his only son Isaac. Job looked stupid, still holding on to God after he allowed all the loss, pain and calamity to befall him. Zacchaeus looked stupid up a tree. Look at Blind Bartimaeus calling out to Jesus even when many people were telling him to stop. He had to look stupid for him to see.

As a Christian, you have to normalize looking stupid. Darkness does not comprehend light; the world will never understand your bold faith. You will look stupid going to church, you will look stupid and boring reading the Bible all the time, you will look stupid associating with sinners, you look stupid forgiving people many times, being kind to your enemies. But in due time it will result into a miracle. Fear is a liar: The fear of looking stupid will stagnate you.

Today, God may be asking you to do something ‘stupid’. Don’t be afraid.


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