The Enemy Called ‘Almost’

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I almost came in first, but this girl Jacky! She was always one point ahead. She was always super excellent, doing everything right. She toped the class the entire year while I came in second or third. I kept telling my dad that I almost did it: But came short with a few points. I did not like that ‘almost’ feeling. Well, I wasn’t giving my best, I knew I could have done better if I studied more. But where was the time? I was all over having fun and catching up with the world. If only I concentrated on my studies, I would not be narrating to my people how I almost graduated with honours. Also, I would not have anything against innocent hardworking Jacky.

Last year, I was in a gathering of family friends. We were having a good time eating and having very interesting conversations. As I prepared for that meeting, I prayed that God would grant me an opportunity to encourage my friends and pray with them. Well, the meeting went on and on, I could pray at any given point. But I did not want to be the over spiritual one. Look, people were talking about politics and other current affairs, how was I supposed to ’interfere’ with prayer? As we went back home, I kept thinking how I almost prayed but the other conversations were sweeter.

Moving on, a typical busy day in my life. I have a million things to do as usual. Juggling between motherhood, wifely duties, ministry, being a homemaker and work. Plus, most importantly, trying to read my Bible and spend some time in prayer. On this particular day, I had a few opportunities to pray but my flesh craved for survivor season 42. I watched over three episodes amidst a very hectic busy day. At the end of the day I was worn out. By the time the baby slept, all I could do was shower and go to bed. The next morning, I started narrating to my husband how I almost read the Bible but I was too tired. As I explained how busy I was, deep in my heart I knew that I had no one blame. I had to do something, or else I would get comfortable sleeping with my Bible under my pillow saying ”I almost read it”

In Matthew 25:1-13, the kingdom of God is likened to ten virgins. Five of them almost met the bridegroom but they did not have enough oil. I can imagine how they narrated to others how they almost made it. How they just needed to have prepared more. The Bible refers to them as foolish.

Today, you have an opportunity to accomplish all that God has called you to do. The choice is yours. You can decide to have time for everything except God then cry saying how you almost did it. Or you can prioritize your relationship with God and shame this enemy called ‘Almost’


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  1. Your posts have really helped me, we like using almost many a times which make us feel like we did it. Going forward I will ashame the ALMOST enemy!

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