The Dedicated Mother

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I used to write articles about my daughter when she was younger, just to celebrate the motherhood journey with its imperfections. At first I used to feel like a failure, especially after attending baby showers and listening to other mothers talk about how they took care of their babies. I knew that mine did not have some privileges when she was born, and even then I was still struggling as I learnt on the job. Then while hosting a children’s show on radio, I also came a cross ‘perfect children’ who had answers to all my questions. I used to feel like there’s a parenting book I had not read. At times, I wondered if I was doing the right thing for my then seven year old.

The pressure can be real; sometimes it feels like a silent competition. It can be draining trying to meet the standards and expectations of the world. You can lose yourself trying to be a perfect mother, who does not exist. Every mother has their ups and downs, no matter how perfect they seem to be. No one knows it all about parenting, we advise each other, support one another, cry with one another but we are raising different children. So the manual cannot be the same. Either way I found a mother whose one attribute I love emulating. Her name is Mary, she is the mother of Jesus.

One thing that stands out for me, from the onset, is her dedication. Mary was not even ready to be a mother; she was just planning to get married. But when the angel of the Lord appeared to her informing her that she will conceive, she answered, ‘I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled.’ (Luke 1:26–38). She then went through a rigorous nine months and gave birth to Jesus in a manger. The circumstances were cruel, but she remained dedicated. Even at the cross she was present, as her son was being crucified. (John 19:25-27) I cannot imagine how painful that was, watching her son being nailed on the cross, knowing very well how innocent he was. But she was present.

Total dedication and surrender to God is what makes a good mother. Children come from God, He entrusts us to be good stewards, raising them in the ways of the Lord. He expects us to seek His wisdom as we remain dedicated to the greater purpose. The task is not easy, and no parent can achieve good results on their own, no expert can train you to be a perfect mother, everyone learns on the job, no matter how many children they have. So the best thing is to look to Jesus, surrender to Him, He will teach you, He will mould you, He will direct you on how to parent. Let Him take the lead, He is also the God of your children. Let Him supply, let Him comfort, let Him bless, let Him protect.

To all mothers reading this today; don’t compare yourself to other mothers, don’t compare your children to other children. Your purpose is unique and so is that if your children. You are well able to accomplish the task God has given you. You can handle it with all dedication and sacrifice, as long as your eyes are fixed on the creator.

Happy Mother’s day

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