The Day I Hated My Job

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I left employment a bit over six months ago, well, not forever but for this season. I have worked for ministries almost all my employment life. God always led me to Christian radio and believe you me I loved it. It does not mean that I worked in heaven, the normal work challenges were there, and seemed abnormal because everyone was born again, but it only reminded me how limited we are as human beings. In my recent work place, there’s a time I had become a grumbler, for many reasons but I will site two: One is because I realized what other people were being paid for what they do, and compared to what I was being paid FOR WHAT I DID. The difference was too big and discouraging. I felt unappreciated. The second reason was that I was not noticed, it was like on the ground I was almost doing everything, but when the big bosses come, the glory goes elsewhere. I always wondered how much it would take to just say ‘Rawder was a great part of this success’ I did not want money, but just recognition of my effort.

This was my least productive season, I always found a reason to be mad, a reason to do less, a reason to say ‘that is not my work’ okay, I did not put it like that, I used to say ‘someone is being paid heavily to do that, so I won’t do it for them’ hahahah, So one day during the staff devotions, one of our leaders was leading us and she asked us to remember the times we prayed for the jobs we have. She reminded us of how most of us joined the organization and we were so happy and ready to serve the Lord, how we all said in the interviews ‘it’s not about money, it’s about fulfilling my purpose’ She was talking out perspective, how we all came with the right perspective saying ‘use me Lord’ and now, the perspective had changed to ‘Lord, they are using me’ Aaaauch! right?

I actually did start going back the memory lane, how I used to fast and pray for a job, how I spent all my days at the cyber applying and re applying for jobs. How I cried after receiving numerous regret emails when I did not get the jobs I interviewed for. How one day I was ready to throw away my passion for radio and try out the hotel industry: Because it was the only thing available. Every time I prayed I used to say ‘Lord, if you open this door for me, I will give it my all, I will not let you down, I will serve you and You alone.’ I had told God those words while walking to town from interviews because I did not have fare. Then God miraculously opened a door for me, a job I had applied for years before and forgotten about, a place I had given up on. I got a call to join people for the last stage of the interviews. They had actually gone through three interviews and on the final one, with only four people left, out of thousands, Rawder was added to the list and she actually got the job. You should have seen me cry to the Lord with joy, saying it again and again ‘Thank you Lord, I will serve you with all my heart, I will give you my all, thank you Jesus’

Fast forward, back to the meeting. Here I was standing in the middle of my miracle, complaining, murmuring and comparing. It was a great reminder for me. I made a decision to always have Colossians 3:23-24 in my heart, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving” I resolved to do everything for God, every task I was given, big and small. From the day of making that decision, I saw God use me mightily, I used to go to the washroom look in the mirror and wonder, ‘What was that? Was that me on air?’ Then I would say, ‘no. That was you Lord.’ I daily saw the fruits of working as unto the Lord. The change of perspective opened more doors for me and came with so much favour from God. I loved my job. I looked forward to being on air. The more I gave my all, the more God favoured me, fought for me, elevated me and covered me. He even opened other doors away from my job, doors I had forgotten I had knocked before.

Today you may be having that answered prayer: A job, a business, a spouse, children, education, good health, a home. Name it. Something you prayed for and cried for and the Lord gave it to you. But you forgot its worth, you started giving less because you have suddenly discovered it’s not as big, other people have bigger. It’s not as fun; you thought it would make you happy. My friend, work at it as unto the Lord. You will see God elevating you. Go the extra mile, serve that tea with a smile, tell that child you love them, buy that gift for your spouse, write those minutes excellently, work extra hard in school, do it for the Lord. Man will always disappoint. Man can never repay you enough: But God. Do not overlook your miracle, it was once a prayer request.


21 thoughts on “The Day I Hated My Job

  1. Thank You Rawder for this.
    May God forgive me for the times I have taken forgranted the blessings of what I once prayed for. we should always have a greatful heart, nd yes, do everything unto the Lord.
    Dear God, Help me to be a faithful steward.

  2. wow thank you Rawder.. it’s a great reminder, like this week I’ve been going to work late and giving less than what I have to. I’ve made up my mind to do it like unto the Lord.
    God bless you.

  3. Rawder,this is so me currently.. I feel discouraged and discontent.. Thank you for this article it has changed my perspective big time

    1. I also wonder how my colleagues showed me their payslips yet they should n=only show accountants. Actually I should have written two more paragraphs on that. Thank you so much for reading the article to the end and understanding. God bless you.

  4. Rawder asante for allowing God to use you to speak to this stubborn heart of mine.I’m a chef but most times I find myself allocated jobs that do not karibia food.I almost resigned but remembered there are jobs out there then I came up with a plan to go for a leave and never come back.where I’m I now?still at the same job.God help me to this job like unto thee.

  5. Rawder this was such a blessing I really needed it.Especially the part where you feel you give it your all and the salary does not match your effort I can relate with that feeling.
    I pray God give me grace to always give it all and never forgot the miracle that I once prayed for.

  6. Great piece and advise. As unto the Lord indeed…I was at this point late last year, but had to leave..some environments and circumstances are just too toxic!

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