The day I found miracle money

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I was very much broke. Crying broke. Terribly broke. Not broke because I had paid all bills, but too broke to even pay them. Walking to church I prayed for a miracle, God knew my needs, they were not luxuries; they were important things like rent, food, school fees for my daughter, fare to work. I was desperate. I walked around the sanctuary in prayer, quoting verses and asking God for a miracle. He knew I had asked everyone I know in vain, the landlord needed his dues and my friends were not in a position to help. After the prayer session I walked back home telling God to put the exact amount of money I needed right on my bed. I was confident and had faith that once I got home the money will be on my bed. After all, faith is the substance of things hoped for.

So I walked into the house and I could not believe it had actually happened. Spread all over my bed were a thousand shillings notes. No one had come to my house; no one else had my house keys. It was a miracle! At first I was afraid of touching the money, I was even afraid to be in that house alone. Then slowly I started picking the notes to find out if they were real. Indeed they were, they summed up to the exact amount I needed for the remaining part of the month. I fell on my knees and thanked God. My faithful God!

This is my first time to share that miracle, I have never told anyone about it reason being, It is a lie! I’m sorry for doing this to you. At least the first paragraph is true. But when I got back home there was no money on my bed, I cried some more, sent more texts to people asking for loans, took some water and slept. I panicked the whole night, wondering how I will make it to work the next day. In the morning with my swollen eyes, still not knowing what to do, I started preparing for work. One of my friends sent me Ksh.100 that morning, that’s how I arrived late for work. I got help here and there after that, cried some more, prayed even more and I have no idea how I survived that season and other such seasons that followed. God gave me strength to work for money and wisdom to be content with what He provided. All I know is that my faithful God has brought me this far.

Most of the time we desire instant miracles; ‘Lord, when I open my eyes, please let there be tea on this table’ or ‘Lord, please take this pain away now’ but it does not always happen our way. If we get used to instant miracles then we are opening a door for satan to come asking us to deny God, to throw ourselves from buildings and to turn stones into bread. However, God has performed instant miracles many times, we have seen the lame people walking and the blind seeing and we have seen instant provisions. But most of the time we go through a painful processes. The beauty of going through the waiting season is that we are assured that God’s presence is with us. Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is with us. His delay does not mean denial. How we made it becomes a bigger miracle.

Your miracle may not happen today. It may even take longer than expected. But God is with you. You may not be able to describe how, but He will bring you out stronger. May be at the moment you wish something just appeared; it will surely appear in God’s timing. He is a faithful God.


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