The carpenter who raised a king

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If God gave a man the responsibility of choosing where Jesus was to be a born and raised, things would be very different. Personally I would have recommended the state house, where there is security and plenty, or we could hire one of the best hotels and evacuate everyone else to give Jesus his space. I would also recommend a nice Christian couple who have experience in raising Godly children, maybe a pastor, someone who would start reading scripture to Jesus immediately he was born. I would have made the circumstances as perfect as can be, with good doctors and nurses monitoring him for the first ten years.

But God chose Joseph, Joseph and Mary. The first disadvantage was that the two were not yet marred and God caused Mary to be pregnant out of wedlock, which would cause drama and shame. Joseph was never described as rich and powerful, He was a carpenter, working hard to sustain his family. God picked a hustler, probably living from hand to mouth. What did God see in Joseph so as to trust him to raise Jesus? God must have wanted Jesus to follow Joseph’s example. He chose Joseph to influence Jesus. He chose a carpenter to raise a king.

As usual God saw what no man could see. He looks at the heart as man looks at the outside. Joseph is described in Matthew 1:19 as an upright and honest man. He was a pious man, having great respect for God’s word, great respect for the people of God. Jesus grew strong physically, meaning he was raised well to be a hardworking man. He was also wise, meaning Joseph instilled wisdom and great character in him. Joseph was humble and respectful: Just the way God designed a man to be. Not the way the world defines a ‘real man’ today; sexy, powerful, rich, built. Families need a man like Joseph, a real man who honours God and in humility.

Maybe you do not fit into what the world has defined life to be, maybe you feel unworthy to be used by God. Today, let go of the worldly standards. You don’t have to be perfect to be used by God, the outward appearance, your environment, your background; your status does not matter. What matters is the state of your heart: Focus on what matters and watch God use you as He used a mere carpenter to raise His only son.


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