The Big Baby

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We say someone is childish when they behave like a child despite their age. I went through that stage, I have been told by my parents that I used to see my mother with a packet of flour, ready to cook some mandazi and I immediately started crying, demanding mandazis ‘NOW’!  I was impatient, not ready for the process. Sometimes my mum would make a quick one just for the sake of silence and peace, I would happily take it, eat half of it and leave the other piece on the floor, forget about it and go outside to play. The other thing I’m told is that I did not know what to say or where to say it, I could spill all family secrets in the presence of visitors and feel nothing. As a child, I did not think for my own, I was given instructions from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Wipe your nose. Go to the bedroom. Stop spilling the beans. If I woke up at 2 years old went took a bath, served myself breakfast and then started reading a newspaper. My parents would be shocked. Children are expected to be childish.

Now imagine at my age throwing tantrums at the shop because I want chocolate, rolling on the ground screaming, telling my husband I want chocolate! Or you come to my house and find me playing with a doll, all stages; clothing her, making her hair, talking to her, imaginary feeding, washing her. Or maybe you find me taking milk in a baby’s milk bottle. Please don’t laugh yet, what if you found me in diapers rolling on the floor mumbling a made up song. Better still you come and hear my husband telling me exactly what to do: please go and shower, I said go and shower! Have you brushed your teeth? Come and sit here. Take your book and read. Well, that’s enough. You would think I am mad or sick. Grown-ups are not expected to be childish.

The same thing applies in our growth in salvation. When we get born again, someone else mashes the food for us, we cannot chew. We are told all we need to do. It is a very crucial time because our muscles are still forming; we are still grasping what salvation is all about. Some of us got saved and had to be given Bibles, because we dint own any. We were taught how to pray, how to fast, how to read the Bible. Everything! It is actually okay to meet someone who was born again last week, asking for direction on how to fast. But we don’t stay there. We are expected to grow, just like children do. We are expected to mature.

I have been born again for over eleven years, I’m expected to have grown in my relationship with God, to know Him better than I did five years ago, to be involved in ministry, to make Godly decisions, to depend on God, to read the Bible, know how to pray, fast often; there are things that need to change. I cannot cry for uncooked mandazi, I have to trust in God’s timing. I cannot speak carelessly; I need to speak with Godly wisdom. I cannot wait for the pastors to read the Bible and tell me what it says, I am supposed to read it for myself. I cannot just go to church on Sunday and that’s it, I am supposed to be Christ like all the days of the week. As a baby Christian, tribulations made me doubt God and I would stop praying because God had disappointed me, but as a mature Christian my relationship with God is constant; come what may. I am not expected to compare my gifts with other peoples’ but to thank God for what I have and use it for His glory.

When measure our growth by the things we stop doing. Paul says, ‘When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.’ (1st Cor 13:11) That is growth. That is maturity. It is expected in our spiritual walk. It’s time for an audit, a personal evaluation. What are the things you need to put away? Where did you stop growing? Are people shocked that you are still in diapers after ten years in salvation? Are you a big baby? It’s time to grow.

May God help us all.


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