The battle is not yours

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Once upon a time in Primary school, I used to find myself in small fights. Well, I was very petite, probably the youngest and tinniest in class. But I had no fear, I used to cause all the chaos in class, I could even threaten big boys in class. I was confident because I knew my elder sister was in the next class, and anytime someone wanted to beat me up, I would run to her and she would recue me and even fight those boys on my behalf. To make things better for me, my mother taught in the same school, so at times after my sister has tackled my ‘enemies’ we would match to the office and seek more protection from our mother. That made me untouchable in my class. Well, until my sister and mother both left the school to other schools: I could not survive; I left too, to another school where I stuck to my lane.

Right now, I don’t cause chaos but still fight battles, spiritual battles with sin, physical battles as well; family battles, financial battles, marriage battles, career battles, health battles. It is very common for me to try fixing my problems, to try solving all mysteries surrounding me. But many times this does not work. I only end up frustrated and tired. I have learnt to slow down, be still and wait on God’s instruction. The only confidence I have is in who God is, and on His instruction to be still. I also find confidence in what God has already done in my life.

A huge impending battle faces Jehoshaphat in 2nd Chronicles, he is afraid and dismayed, in 20:12 he prays, “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.” He realizes that God is their first and only option. God instructs him to wait patiently, because their victory does not depend on them, but on God’s power. Compared to the enemy, they were weak and powerless, but when He involved God, they became victorious. Today, God is instructing us to wait on Him. No matter how fierce the enemy is, no matter how close the enemy is. We need to fix our eyes on God, the battle belongs to Him. God ordered them to march in praise, and He brought the walls down.

When we stand still and allow God to fight the battles we face in our lives, we have no option but to give Him all the glory. But most of us want to try fighting every battle that comes our way, by the time we realize that we cannot do it without God, we are tired and wounded. God commands us to be still and wait on Him, being still makes us alert to listen to further instruction. When we are busy trying to fight the battle, then we cannot hear God, we cannot praise God: We are to praise God in the battle, not just in the victory.

May God teach you to be still and wait on Him: The battle is not yours. Waiting on God will grow your faith.


2 thoughts on “The battle is not yours

  1. The Battle is surely not ours, whatever situation we find ourselves in, we rest in knowing He’s got us!
    Thanks for the constant reminder Rawder of whom we are.

  2. I really needed to hear this again. My victory came when I learned to be took long but am glad I know He is God

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