‘When a female teacher takes us through Sunday school lessons, they are very harsh. I can’t even unwrap my chewing gum, I can’t talk to anyone, they don’t allow us to have any fun. Just sitting and taking notes, its like we are in school. When a male teacher is in charge, we really laugh and talk, they even throw other children up and swing them in the air!’ she told me this.

So there are people throwing our children in the air during Sunday school? Wait, I should be asking, so there are harsh Sunday school teachers? But I choose not to ask, instead I continue listening, this is very interesting:

‘I like when Sunday school is crowded, when we are too many, some teachers don’t even look at me, I get to draw my stuff, eat my sweets as the talkative ones answer the questions. Some people don’t even have a place to sit and have to stand around the class, now when you end up standing, you are in trouble because the teachers’ eye is on you, and you cannot take notes. But when we are few, all the attention is on me, the teacher keeps looking at me and asking everyone to participate, even those who are not interested, so we should be going for second service.’

So there are times our children go for Sunday school and have no place to sit? Are we lacking facilities or teachers? Wait, I should be asking, so my daughter doesn’t like participating in class? She is so happy when she is unseen. Hey, she looks like she has more to say…

‘Sunday school is still more fun than school, they give us work but no one follows up. Then some places we are in the same class with baby class children, so it is just noisy! But we get biscuits! Once I deliberately attended class one, because they get snacks and no one stopped me. Sometimes we are not even asked what we learnt last week, and other times, we have different teachers every Sunday. One day, in some church you took me, a teacher walked in and told us to sing then went away, we never saw him again.’

Enough! So you mean sometimes things are this bad in the churches. No, so you mean sometimes you even don’t go to your class and I don’t know! Is there anything positive you have to report?

‘We always have fun, and learn a lot, it also helps me remember so much in school. Most of the times teachers are very nice to us, we play nice games and learn very nice songs. But Sunday school is not school.’

Great, now we can start from somewhere, Every time I go visiting different churches, I take my daughter with me. So this is a comprehensive report. It’s like we have been going round collecting data and now the report is out!

Before I find out what happens in Sunday school, I need to lecture myself. How many Sunday schools has she gone to? When I bring her along in my missions, do I really know what I ‘am doing to her? When I change churches, do I bother about where she will be going, or it is all about the main church. Have I ever considered the Sunday school standards when choosing a church? I have work to do!

To the ones in charge of children ministries, this is a calling. It is not something we do as we look for a better position in church. May we give our children the best we can, they watch and learn. On Sundays they are coming for spiritual nourishment, do they get it?

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