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I have been thinking a lot about how this year began: I had no idea what it held because of the season I am in. I was scared even to write down any resolution; I just wanted to spend the year nurturing my family. I put on hold so many of my projects and side hustles, I did not want to be over-ambitious and set unrealistic goals. In my heart I still made my requests known to God, I have. some ‘impossible’ situations in my life: I have been trusting God for a breakthrough for some time. So, I kept praying, Lord, may this be that year of breakthrough in that area. Well I am still praying. This is still my year of breakthrough, even though sometimes it doesn’t look like it. In fact, a few months ago, there was a major setback. Right now, the situation is stagnant with no sign of victory. But I keep telling myself, this is the year!

I am encouraged through the challenges because God promises peace in His word. He is continuously speaking to me in the waiting. Lately, I have been thinking about Joseph. He had a dream in Genesis 37. but as the story progresses, things seem to be going in the opposite direction. from being sold by the brothers to being falsely accused and landing in prison. He might have doubted the dream. Was it really from God? Is God still in charge? Will the promise ever come to pass? You and I know that indeed everything worked together for his good and the story ended in praise.

Elizabeth and Zechariah might also have given up. It was too late for God to show up. They were past the childbearing age. The promise of a child wasn’t even making sense. It may not even be a prayer item at that point. But our unlimited God showed up and blessed them with a child. Even when it was biologically impossible His promise still stands. I imagine Elizabeth must have seen young girls, who could have been her grandchildren, get married and have children. She might have been angry and felt forgotten. She might have doubted if God really promised them a child. There are moments when she might have wondered if God was really faithful. But God did it for her. So that you and I can trust Him fully and not limit Him to our timings.

The year begins with many declarations and aspirations for many of us. It’s mid-year now and maybe you are discouraged. Maybe you are wondering why you are the only one who seems not to be moving. You might be giving up on God’s promises. God’s word may seem untrue because nothing seems to be going the way you anticipated. You had desires and prayer requests whose time has expired and you are wondering where to start again. Today be encouraged by this: God is not limited, He was He is and He is to come. He is in charge of both time and timing. Keep your focus on Him, as we all hold on to His word. It is still a blessed year, it is still a year of breakthrough, it is still a year of double blessings, and it is still a year of mighty wonders. Because God is still on the throne: He has the final say.

May God’s word make you bold. May the eyes of your heart be opened to see that even when everything is at a standstill. God is still God above all.


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  1. Amen sister this is very inspiring for the body of Christ and Spiritual Growth, may His Grace carry us through. Shalom

  2. Am very grateful! Actually I have trusted God for so many things He has promised but more so it has been struggle after struggle. Life hasn’t been easy for me. God bless you 🙏

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