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Parenting is hard! Oh let me be more kind. Parenting has many challenges, every stage has its own ups and downs. By now, you may be aware that I have a teenager and a baby. (Look at their beautiful hands on that photo) See? I started by thinking of how challenging parenting is but just one look at my babies and my heart melts. Even after having a rough day with them, I still make sure there is food for one of them to cook and the other one to eat. Even when I cannot handle my daughter’s teen moods, I cant deny her clothing or shelter. I deeply care about her. I have never locked my baby in a freezer because of his fussiness, one minute he is so restless giving me a headache and the next he is smiling at me. So parenting is hard, but very fulfilling.

if I, a mere human with all my faults, remain involved in my children’s lives even when they frustrate me, how much more our heavenly father? Parenting teaches me how caring God is. How merciful and patient He is. That even when I disobey Him, He is still involved.

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve and gave them the liberty to eat every other fruit except one. Well, they went for it, okay, Eve was deceived by the serpent and she took a bite, and gave some to Adam. God would have chosen to speak a word and start a fresh. Clear the garden, create another man and woman, maybe Jackson and Rawder, and try again. If He wanted to, He would have made the punishment worse and left them there to die. But He did not, In fact after driving them away from the garden, He made garments for them! Genesis 3:21 “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” Wow! Right? Even after their sinned against Him, He was still concerned about them, He was still involved.

Today be reminded that God is still involved. Sin separates us from God but it does not disqualify us from His love. He still cares about you. He still loves you. He desires that you come to Him in your nakedness and confess, He will make a garment for you and cover you. Remember He gave His only son for you! This is not to encourage you to sin, it is to encourage you to be aware of God’s love and live for Him. No matter what you have done and where you have been; He is still involved. Even as you experience the consequences of your choices, He is still involved,


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  1. Hello Rawder kidus,
    I was your silent listener in hope fm for a long time . Am requesting for the poem you used to send to people via email . ” Technology” . Thanks .
    Where is Jilo please.

    Thanks .

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