Still Confident

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I thought of the first sentence of today’s devotion and smiled, smiled because I cannot believe I once believed so much on something even when the whole world warned me. ‘I love him no matter what, I was ready to die for him’ That was to be the first sentence, so let me take you back to my teenage years, when I believed I was wiser and smatter than my mother. No one told me anything; I wanted things to happen my way and believed I was right. So this time I was ‘in love’ (in quotes because now I know what being in love is not emotions but commitment) Even when I was walking right into the fire, I believed that because of the ‘love’ I would not get burnt. Okay I got burnt and the ‘love’ also perished in the fire. What puzzles me is my focus and resilience at that time. I chose to believe in a lie, I dismissed the reality, dismissed everyone else’s wisdom and stood my ground.

I woke up this morning praying for such determination and focus, on things that really matter. David in Psalm 27 expresses complete confidence in the Lord; He declares that He shall fear no one, because the Lord is His light and His salvation. He is confident that God will keep Him safe no matter what, after His prayer for deliverance, he declares, ‘I am still confident of this: I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living’ (Psalm 27:13) The confidence he starts with in the first verse is the same confidence he ends with in the last verse. That is the confidence I am paying for, for you and I. That we shall be clothed by complete confidence in the Lord, even when we go through tough seasons, we shall arise and declare the goodness of the Lord.

Everyone strongly believes in something, you cannot talk them out of it. Everyone is a worshipper, everyone has faith. The question is, what do you have confidence in? What do you believe? Whom are you worshipping? You are sure of it whether you see it or not, you strongly believe it will happen whether there are signs or not. I am reminded of Jesus’s mother at the wedding in Cana, when the wine was over, she told the servants to do whatever Jesus instructed them to. She had all the confidence that Jesus will save the day. She did not consult, she did not pray over it, she went ahead and confidently handed over the issue to Jesus.

There are so many reasons that can make us give up, make us walk away from God. I pray that you will still be confident in God. I pray that the Lord will give us confidence in Him, and in His son Jesus Christ. That our minds and hearts will be stayed on Him, that we shall not be talked out of believing in the power of God. Like David we shall start with confidence and end with confidence, assured that God will keep us safe, deliver us from sin and keep us in perfect peace. Even when the whole world thinks we are stupid, we shall confidently stand our ground in Christ.


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