Sometimes It Takes A Mountain

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I have known a certain lady for a while now; she has been one of my mentors for a number of years. She is celebrated in ministry and is one of the few people I refer ladies to for marriage mentorship. We are not very close, we talk once in a blue moon, but when we talk we go on and on. I have always admired her faith and wisdom. If I was to mention people who are strong in Christ, I would probably place her in my top five. Yesterday we had one of those long conversations, after months of not meeting or talking. She shared with me about a harsh season she had gone through, a season filled with tears and pain. After narrating her story, she said ‘I thought I was strong, I thought I trusted I God, until this happened’

It reminded me of two things, one of them is a song by the Gaither Vocal Band, ‘Sometimes It Takes A Mountain’ Here is part of it:

I faced a mountain, That I never faced before That’s why I’m calling on You Lord I know it’s been awhile, But Lord please hear my prayer I need You like I never have before Sometimes it takes a mountain Sometimes a troubled sea Sometimes it takes a desert To get a hold of me Your love is so much stronger Than whatever troubles me Sometimes it takes a mountain To trust You and believe

I recommend this song for you today. Mountains don’t mean that God hates you, they don’t mean that God has abandoned you, sometimes mountains are what we need to trust and believe in God.

The second one is Job, the book of job begins by describing him as an upright and blameless man, just as I had described my friend above. Then when all the trouble comes in chapter 42, Job says ‘My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.’ It makes me wonder, with all the uprightness and blamelessness, a man who God was bragging about saying to satan ‘Have you considered my servant job?’ is he the same man confessing that now his eyes have seen God? Well, it’s evident; sometimes it takes a mountain to propel us to the next level of faith.

Are you going through a tough season? My prayer is that it will cause you to know Gods presence, His healing, His power, His provision and His mighty hand upon your life. Sometimes it takes a mountain to change our perspective of life and learn to cling onto God. Today, take time to thank God for the mountain, it is working for your good.


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