Someone else is calling…

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When people close to me are hurting, I hurt too. I can actually have a very low day because someone close to me is low. When I have a misunderstanding with someone dear to me, it messes up everything in my life including my appetite. I have had sleepless nights because someone I care about is not okay. Their concerns concern me, and I find myself trying to find solutions for them. For sometime, I thought that most of them felt the same way about me. Until one day when I was going through a very tough season, called someone very close to me, explained everything and before I was done they asked me to hand up, because ‘someone else was calling’, I then waited for them to call back, they didn’t till two weeks later, when they called to ask for a favour, followed by ‘by the way, we need to catch up soon, you need to tell me that strory you were telling me’

Ladies’ and gentlemen, that’s the season I had to sit down and evaluate my friendships and pick whose concerns will give me sleepless nights and whose will I pray for and sleep peacefully.

Have you ever had such an encounter? Where your concerns don’t seem to matter? In facet, nowadays when you call someone with your concerns, you find out they have bigger needs and you are even doing better. Then, incase, ‘someone else calls’ you will have to hang up, and be reminded that you are not a priority. ‘its life’ as they say, that’s why we are encouraged to fix our eyes on Jesus, to trust Him fully and not lean on our understanding or on our contact lists.

My prayers have never been halted by God because someone with a greater need was calling Him, He has never paused me from talking to Him, because something or someone else came up. He gives me priority: All year, all day, every hour. No matter how small my concern seems to the people around me, it still concerns God. Whatever worries me, concerns Him. That is why my daily prayer is that I learn to always run to Him, confide in Him, seek Him and Trust Him.

What is worrying you today? Are you looking for a place you can off set that burden and find peace. Are you looking for someone who will listen and give you priority? Are you looking for someone who truly cares about your cares? Then run to Jesus. This is what He says. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30)

You are a priority to God. He wants to be close to you, He is willing and available to listen to you and offer solutions. Run to Him. Human beings will disappoint you, love them anyway. You will also disappoint those around you, you are human. But God is a constant. Nothing is too big for Him, nothing is too small for him to ignore. If it concerns you, it concerns Him and He will give it maximum attention..


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  1. This is very true Rawder. Quite encouraging. I think we should evaluate our friends because our time is precious.. n plus it matters alot if I’m investing my time with people who won’t sleep coz am troubled..or with those who always think about me when they’re in trouble. ..
    The two should have a direct correlation.

    Obedience is better than to sacrifice!

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