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I sang so many songs in Sunday School as a young girl. Many of them were just for fun and some helped me remember Bible stories. I sang about storms without a clear understanding of what storms are, I sang about prayer, without knowing a time would come when I couldn’t pray. I sang about faith before being born again. I remember singing ‘ why worry when you can pray, trust Jesus He knows the way’ I remember ‘ Oh, be careful little eyes what you see, for the father up above is looking down on earth’. It’s over twenty years now, but I still remember. What I did not know is that I would need the assurance later in life. The teachings I got through the songs, illustrations and games while I was a child come in handy now.

Before I got married (hahaha, someone asked me the other day why I must talk about my marriage all the time, well its because I can’t talk about anyone else’s with this confidence) Anyway, before I got married I used to watch sermons on marriage, I read books, I went for bridal showers to even wash utensils as I listened to the advice. I did not understand most of the things, some I thought were common sense, some I thought everyone knows. But now, I need that wisdom, imagination is far from reality. I come across challenges and I remember what I learnt three years ago, five years ago. I see a breakthrough and I remember it’s a prayer I made two years ago, ten years ago. I have come to learn that spending time learning is not in vain: Even if it does not make sense now, even if you are not on that stage at the moment. One day it will come handy.

Maybe you are reading the Bible now, and the book, chapter and verses are not making sense at all. My friend, keep reading, sometimes the revelation comes later. Keep meditating on God’s Word, He reveals things to us even years later. It may not be ‘useful’ today but one day it will be. Maybe you are praying now, and nothing seems to change. Keep praying, it may not come to pass now, but it will. God never lies. Maybe you have been so faithful in service, you are almost giving up because of the storms, keep being faithful, you may not see the reward today, but your faithfulness will be rewarded. Whatever you are doing that is right may not make sense, you love others, care for others, you are always giving, teaching, living for God. It is not in vain. It will come in handy.

Now when I am worried my Sunday school songs make sense. When in doubt, I remember there’s no other way but to trust and obey. Most of the sober decisions I make, come from the wisdom I acquired way back. Be encouraged, it’s not in vain. I remember in John 13:7 when Jesus was washing his disciple’s feet and they did not understand what was going on. He told them “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” Well, later on they understood.

Someday, you will understand. Someday, it will come in handy. Don’t give up.


8 thoughts on “Someday

  1. What I like the most here are the two words: Trust and Obey.
    These words have been my motto and more than just sayings.When I’m down I just motivate myself by reciting these words and summing it up with a song “Trust and Obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey…Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus…

  2. Thanks so much Rawder,you are a blessing to many…you always encourage me with your daily messages,… Thanks be blessed

  3. I feel blessed, privileged and encouraged every time I read the devotions. May God expand and enlarge your territories.

  4. So encouraging Rawder. Thank you so much. I’ve been at a place for a while where nothing is moving/getting better and have felt what’s the point?.. I’ve been praying the same prayer point for a spouse for soooo many years and nothing.. I’ve lost hope, gained it back again, lost it, gained it.. and the cycle continues. Wish there was a way to know when someday is.. Thank you, great article. Stay blessed.

  5. Beautiful well done.One day all am going through will make sense.I just don’t understand why I invest so much in friends,carry the cross like it’s mine then ???one day it will make sense

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