Sin is still sin

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These are tough times for everybody, a time when we are all affected in some way by covid-19. Like many people I find some fulfillment knowing whom to blame and naming who should have done what. I find myself reading such articles and being involved in such debates, trying to establish who is not playing their part and who should stop saying what. Even those of us without any knowledge of viruses are on the forefront giving instructions on our social media places. Instead of playing our roles, no matter how ‘small’ they appear to be, we feel better blaming everyone. I don’t know about you, but complaining and blaming others leaves me empty: That is what sin does.

It is a strange season. I have been wondering if some Bible verses were written with a season such as this in mind. How are we supposed to be fearless? How are we supposed to fix our eyes on Jesus? How are we supposed to pray in the spirit? How can we not get worried? Our brothers and sisters are dying; some are in hospital, going through a lot of pain the world is bleeding! How do we stay calm? How are we supposed to do everything without complaining? Those are the questions that linger through my mind this morning. I feel like playing the ‘God will understand’ card. But it never works, especially when God has revealed His word to you. Then we are expected to obey.

Right now being confined in houses, in cities, in countries, we can be tempted to lower our Christian standards. I read the other day that pornography sites are making millions in this season, because people are home, alone and idle. We have all been shaken, but we fall on different things for comfort and fulfillment. Some feel so good after hours of gossip, others are crafting ways to steal from employers, others are angry at the government, and some are complaining and murmuring. There is a lot of time to fall into temptation, but there’s also a lot of time to fall back on track. The choice is in your hands.

Be assured that God’s standards have not changed. sexual immorality is still sin. Gossip and slander is still sin. anger and hatred is still sin. using our words to destroy others is still sin. blasphemy is still sin. Everything listed as sin in God’s word is still sin. Including knowing what to do and not doing it. (James 4:17). Remember that the wages of sin is still death. (Romans 6:23)

God’s word is never edited to fit in our seasons. His commandments are still the same. He still expects Holiness. We are still expected to seek Him first, not food, not sanitizers, not COVID 19 statistics. He still comes first. Sin is still sin; troubles of this world are not an excuse to run into sin. Jesus was troubled and tempted too but the Bible says He committed no sin and no deceit was found in His mouth. (1 Peter 2:22) In this season, with God on our side we can escape the snares of the evil one; we can flee from sin and resist the devil. It is possible, not by might or by power but by the spirit of God. The standards are still the same. Our yardstick remains to be God’s word. May God help us all.


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