Once upon a time I had a young girl, who would ask a million questions. She was bubbly and crazily fun. She went through the milestones in good time, she was and still is extremely beautiful. She needed me, and I was there, gave my best in every situation. At that time, I was stressed about the future, for both of us. I denied myself the smiles because I wasn’t sure what tomorrow holds. Instead of enjoying the season, those tiny moments, the laughter, I was worried most of the time, I was in fear, she is growing fast, what next?

Then she grew up, and is now a tweeneger, almost stepping into teenage-hood. At times I have spent time regretting about the lost chances and memories when she was a baby, forgetting that it is another season that I cannot afford to ignore. The past is gone, and it was not all pathetic, there are good times we had there. So why not focus on the positive and use all my energy to enjoy the season NOW. As a parent, I have learnt to enjoy every season, not that parenting is always fun, not that I have a perfect child. But because there’s always a reason to rejoice no matter what.

It has happened to friendships as well. One moment you have a BFF (Best Friend Forever) the next, its a new season and you become strangers. One moment, everything seems to be falling into place, the next things are falling a part. One minute you are sad, the next you are happy. In the different seasons, learn to find a reason to rejoice. Once you stop focusing on worry and regret, you will see the reason to rejoice. In every season.

Today you might be wasting all your time and energy worrying because of the current season. You are in the wilderness, no answer, no direction, no assurance. It is time to know that times and seasons belong to God. (Daniel 2:21) He is in charge. God will provide, God will sustain. God will make a way. Maybe you are regretting the decisions you made in the past, or those you did not make. Well regretting will block you from seeing the blessings surrounding you now.

Seasons come and go, enjoy the friends you have now, enjoy the job you have now, enjoy the family you have, enjoy the season you are in with its imperfections, because in a year, in another decade, in another century, things will be different, and you might never have this season again.

Dear Lord, Please help us enjoy each season we go through. May we focus in finding something to rejoice about, and in all seasons, may we be reminded that you are in charge.


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