School Drama!

When her teachers call me, I drop everything! (Especially when I know I have paid my dues and she went to school in the right school uniform). So this time I was called urgently because she is very sick. You should have seen me flying to school like am in labour. On arrival I find her seated at the reception with a smile on her face. We get to hospital and she is very ok, the doctors are even scared to give her water, because she is fine. A nurse tells me ‘this one just wanted to be home’. That was a while back, the most recent drama I have had was on a closing day. After being given the report books, she left the class before being given homework for the holidays, because the teacher went for it in the staff room and took her sweet time. So we spent the holidays having fun, until I thanked the teacher for not giving homework to allow the children to be children.

When school comes, drama comes with it, but some terms are better than others. As I write this, am enjoying the better terms. When school knocked this year, she opened the door with joy, so much joy that I ask myself, is there a problem at home? Or some children actually do love school? So as usual I go ahead to ask why she loves school so much, the first reason is the friends, then the fun activities and games, followed by music lessons and finally normal classes. Apparently I was so happy that at least we have something in common! Everything outside class was more fun for me! Once she told me that if she could change any rule in school, she would do away with classes, and they would just be learning in fun places like the hall and field. (Whoever owns a school should take up this idea!)

I have worked hard to instill in her the importance of school, and am happy we don’t fight about it much. I too feel nice when my baby’s name (Sorry, she says she is not a baby), when my child’s name is called out loud for any award, but there is a better feeling, when I know she is expressing her true self, when she is discovering her talents and passion. This does not mean that school work shouldn’t be taken seriously; it means that when my child is not scoring 100% in everything, I don’t burn her toes and call her names. I might be disciplining a pilot for not singing well, or beating up a chef who does not know the scientific name of a monkey.

Being top of the class is very good. Children should actually be motivated to work hard in school, and give their best in everything. But we should also encourage them to discover who they are, even if it is outside class. In fact I have seen children who have been support in sports, art, music etc and in turn improved their grades, hence excelling in both.

School is here; apart from focusing on who your child is in class, find out who he/she is outside class. You never know, maybe they are meant for the field.

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