Scared by Numbers

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This past week my eyes have seen more numbers than letters. My country Kenya is going through a leadership transition, as I write this, the nation is expecting presidential results to be announced anytime soon. The two main presidential aspirants all seem to be winning, both camps are celebrating, social media platforms are filled with numbers, hate, anger, anxiety and propaganda. Even those who failed in mathematics are busy tallying, and making premature announcements. Oh, we also have messages of peace and unity trying to make appearances here and there, but get swallowed up by everything else commented below them. (At least from where I sit.) Lord, help us. Lord, heal our land, may we dwell in peace.

Two things stand out for me in this crucial season in our country. One is that Christians are all over the nation, all you need to do is drive around most areas on a Sunday: The air is filled with praise and worship music and the roads are full of congregants heading to or from church. We used to say the nation has 80% Christians but the general culture and character portrayed makes it debatable. (So, are these just church goers who fill the streets and churches on Sunday/Saturday, or is there depth in our faith?) The numbers scared me. Why is there a complete metamorphosis when we leave the church gates and start typing on twitter?

Number two, I thought about the online enthusiasm on matters politics. How quick we are to share and forward propaganda and slow to share that Bible verse and encouraging sermon. Many Kenyans haven’t slept, they have been awake and alert, for some reason we think when our opponents know we are sleeping they will steal our votes. Suddenly you can become an enemy just buy putting on a certain colour of tie. We are literally walking on egg shells, no one wants to step on the other. I have seen people I have respected for years engage in online wars using very vulgar language. The courage! the audacity! the time! the confidence! the enthusiasm! Totally unmatched. What happens when we are supposed to have the same energy in witnessing Christ? How many people do whatever it takes to speak love, to propagate the Kingdom agenda and to spread God’s love? The numbers scared me too..

Many men and women of God have, with one word, undone what they had built for years. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to support a candidate, it is okay to be involved in politics, but the how matters? Are we still loving one another? Are we still the light of the world and the salt of the earth? How many are still authentic? the numbers are scary.

But that was according to my human eyes…

Today the Lord has encouraged me through His word. That He still is God. “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10. Even when the church appears to be in bad light, there is still a remnant and God will still be exalted. May we receive the grace to play our part, whether we are losing or wining, the love of God will speak louder through our actions, speech and tweets. The numbers may scare you and leave you feeling alone, but do not fret. Greater is He who is within us.


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  1. Amen. This is quite refreshing especially such a time when everyone seems to be up and down in the political arena. God grant us the serenity we so greatly desires.

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