Rhoda Came to Answer the Door

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For I long time I loved Acts 12:13 for the wrong reasons. It says ‘Peter knocked at the outer entrance and a servant girl names Rhoda came to answer the door’ I have known and loved this verse for a very long time just because my name is in the Bible and my dad is called Peter, so for me it’s been about opening the door for my dad. I talked about nothing else until I continued reading on and realized that she never even opened the door.

This happened in the house of Mary the mother of John, where many people had gathered to pray for the release of Peter who had been imprisoned. I can imagine how they spoke life and release, how they spoke in tongues and cried asking God to make a way. Then someone knocks on the door, Rhoda rushes to answer the door but once she recognizes peter’s voice, she was overjoyed and ran back without opening. When she told them ‘Peter is at the door’ they did not believe, they thought she was out of her mind, some said it must have been an angel. Peter kept knocking and when they opened they were all astonished.

My first question is, ‘why were they praying?’ Many times we gather to pray for provision, healing, restoration, open doors, favour and many other miracles. But are we expectant and ready to receive the miracles? When the miracle knocks the door will you doubt the very thing you have been praying for? It was unbelievable for them to see the miracle walk through the door. Two things arise, they were so astonished because it was too good to be true, but still had faith that Peter would be set free. Or they just gathered to pray and did not mean what they were telling God. My prayer is that the former was the case here and is in our lives.

May God give us the faith to be ready for the miracles we are praying for: May He teach us to mean exactly what we are asking for and wait in expectation. May He cause us to take him at His word.


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