Remember Not to Forget

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I have been a bit forgetful of late; I keep looking for my phone, looking for my books, looking for keys, looking for my cup. I mean sometimes I look for things which are right in front of me. An expert has said it is because I have so many things to do and instead of doing them calmly, I rush to do everything at once. (In this case the expert is my husband) I used to see my mother do the same when I was young, she would always ask us to find something, at times it came with a reward and at times it came as punishment. I know two things; I don’t like the feeling that comes with forgetting something and I love the relief that comes when I remember.

Many times I forget random things around the house, but a few times I forget very important things. Mostly because I am busy doing some other things. I have also been forgotten, or so I insist. I like sharing this story: One day while in primary school, my parents forgot to come for me when the school closed. By 10:00am most of the students had been picked and I stayed in some hall waiting for my parents till it was too late. They were called and they came for me the following day. It was a long sad day. I asked my mother very tough questions while we headed home. How could you forget your daughter? But the truth was, they had not forgotten me, they had forgotten the school’s closing date. (That is what I tell myself to get over it, but as you can see, I still remember) I know one thing, some things are not supposed to be forgotten.

The Bible tells us not to forget God’s benefits. Psalm 103:2 ‘Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits;’ There are so many benefits that come with being a child of God: The promise of eternal life, the assurance that we are never alone, the sufficient grace that He gives us daily, the spiritual gifts and blessings, the hope we have in Christ, Gods faithfulness that we see daily, the answered prayers and so much more. There’s a hymn that encourages us to count our blessings naming them one by one to see what the Lord has done. I enjoy counting my blessings when things are okay in my life, when I have received another blessing. When storms come, I rarely sit down and count my blessings, most of the time I forget; at that time I tend to focus on the storm wondering how and when God will rescue me. The beginning of a spiritual downfall, is forgetting what we need to remember.

All the days of your life, through thick and thin, there’s always something for you to remember. Something you should not forget: God’s benefits. That there have been previous storms he brought you through, his provisions, his mercy, his faithfulness, his presence, his love and care, his goodness. Do not forget that He is the same yesterday today and forever, and because He has been faithful in the past, He will be faithful today. Remember His benefits, where he has brought you from, the truth is, were it not for God, you wouldn’t be reading this. The gift of life is a major benefit. Praise the Lord! Be grateful. It pleases the Lord when we praise Him for what He has done; it pleases Him to remember His benefits. No matter what you are going through. No matter how many things you need to accomplish today. Some things are not to be forgotten. Remember not to forget God’s benefits. Bless the Lord, Oh My soul.


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  1. What an insight! Am so grateful for the devotions.May Almighty God bless you abundantly as you keep on ministering through the devotions.

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