Rejoice In The Unusual

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In high school, making the choice for school prefects was a big thing. Many desired to be chosen for the leadership positions because of the benefits attached. In one term, our class teacher was to pick a class prefect to be in charge of the class: This included making sure the class rules and school rules were adhered to. We all had in mind whom he was to pick, of course, the bright disciplined students. But the teacher shocked everyone by selecting the laziest, rude, undisciplined student. Interestingly the leadership position transformed her behavior.

Many times God makes unusual choices; choices that don’t make sense. In my thinking, Elizabeth would be the mother of Jesus, think of it, she had been praying for a child, she was a godly woman with more experience in ministry. Why would God pick a young teenage virgin girl? Why would God disrupt her life plan? Well, because unusual choices make bigger miracles. For God’s purpose to be fulfilled, He sometimes uses the unusual, weak, and inexperienced to show Himself strong.

I would also wonder why Matthew the tax collector was chosen to be a disciple or Judas; the one who betrayed Jesus. I am sure there were more spiritual people who ‘deserved’ a position in the ‘chosen twelve’ But Jesus made unusual choices to fulfill His purpose; to show that He came for the blind to see and the lost to be found.

You may look at yourself today and write yourself off. Maybe you are not experienced, you are weak, you do not meet the cut. I have good news for you, you are qualified to be used by the Lord. He uses the weak to shame the strong, He uses the foolish to shame the wise. You are a candidate for His miracles and wonders. You are a perfect choice to fulfill God’s purpose.

It may seem like an unusual choice, place, or hour, but God thrives in such cases. So rejoice in the unusual.


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