Redefine your blessings

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Recently I was listening to some gospel music mix with my family; one of those silent drives that give you a chance to listen to every word of some of the gospel songs produced locally. All was going well until we got concerned about the blessings most singers were singing of. In one of the songs, it was evident that the reason we should serve God is that one day we will get big cars and big houses. We should persevere in our faith because we will be blessed with cars and houses and we shall board airplanes and go abroad. We had to say something, for the sake of our daughter who was also listening carefully.

When did we start getting saved because of cars and houses and having a ‘good life’? It is okay to be wealthy and desire to have all these blessings. But should they be our ultimate goal? Waking up every morning to read the Bible, obey God’s word, pray, fellowship, reach out, spread the gospel because I want a Mercedes? What are we singing? What are we preaching? Is this the reason why many people walk out of salvation: Because the cars, money and houses did not come after years of serving God? Wait, what if you never own a car in your lifetime, does it mean you are not blessed?

After talking it out after some time, we calmed down having reminded our daughter that the greatest blessing we have is salvation, and daily we seek the Lord to be more like Him, to portray the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is better to have peace and joy than to have a Navara double cabin. It is better to know your purpose and live it than to have billions in your bank account. The reason we surrender our lives to Christ is that we no longer live but Christ lives in us. Desire cars, houses, money and all that, but don’t let it be the ultimate goal of salvation, it should not be the reason you are serving in church.

We are used to telling people who have earthly wealth that they are blessed. It is true, they are blessed: But if that is your ultimate definition of blessings, that you are waiting for your dream car to thank God for blessing you, then its time you redefined your blessings. Being alive is a blessing, God’s protection is a blessing, God’s presence is a blessing, peace is a blessing, joy is a blessing, patience is a blessing, favour is a blessing; eternal life is a great blessing that we are looking forward to:  Something that should excite us more than having a BMW.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33) I have learnt that when you diligently seek the kingdom of God, your definition of ‘all these other things’ also change.


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