Red Flags…

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In our human relationships, we are very keen about identifying red flags; these are signs and warnings that things are heading south. Many ladies often describe the situations in their relationships and ask ‘are these red flags?’ Well, most of the time, they ask because they already know that the behaviours they are observing are abnormal. Because those relationships are important to them, they are so keen and alert, always looking for ways to grow, ways to spice up communication and in case of any abnormality, they are quick to notice.

I remember when my husband and I were ‘just friends’ there are times we could tell each other’s mood even through a text message. He would text me and I would tell that he was not okay, I would text him and he would know that I am very happy. Its because we were close friends and our friendship mattered. A lady recently noticed that the boyfriend doesn’t talk to her as much, he was becoming too busy for them, she was alarmed and came to me asking ‘Is that a red flag? ‘What should I do?’ She was eager to make things right, to find out how to restore their communication. Because it mattered to her.

Do you ever notice red flags in your relationship with God? ‘What red flags?’ you might be wondering. Well, a day or two, a week, a month without prayer. A week, a day, a month without reading your Bible. Lack of interest in Christian fellowship, you don’t remember when you last went to church. You are tolerating sin and becoming numb to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those are just examples, you know better, you know when your relationship with God is on the rocks. Does it bother you? Do these red flags cause you sleepless nights? Do you reach out to your mentors when you notice a red flag in your spiritual walk? Okay, does your relationship with God really matter?

Remember, God is constant, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So if your relationship with Him is rocky, you are the reason. You need to be alert, so as not to allow any red flags to creep in, to notice any change of behaviour (of course from your side) and work on it before it grows into a year of prayerlessness. Take a step at a time, get your Bible today, pray, go back to church and fellowship with other believers.

May the Lord help us all, to pay attention to our relationship with Him. Because it matters. “Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.” James 1:21-25


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