Real Players Only

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I’m supposed to be a football fan. Actually I even have a team I’m supposed to support; Chelsea. I own two jerseys to support my argument any time football comes up. I have never played football but I don’t mind watching. There’s a season in my life where I wouldn’t miss a game, then I took a break only to come back and find my team completely different. (Please note that I said “my team”) In one year, a lot happens in terms of transfers and new signings. So I gave up paying close attention to it. 

There’s something however about football fans. Even those who support local teams here in Kenya. Some of them go overboard. I have seen fans paint their entire body to depict the team they are supporting. I have seen others travel for miles just to watch the game and cheer. Oh, there’s also a photo I saw of fans seated in a freezing snowing stadium because they had to watch the game. Well, I have also read stories in the news of fans who killed themselves because their team lost. 

Funny enough, most real players don’t go to such extremes. I haven’t seen a player painting their faces, screaming out their team name during the entire game, I haven’t seen them walking with fire in their mouth. All they do is play! They are the ones who make the game. When there were lockdowns everywhere because of the pandemic, some matches still happened because the players were healthy, willing and available. 

Where I’m I going with this? In this walk of faith, being a fan will not take you to heaven. At times we call ourselves Christians but we are afraid of being real players. We have painted our social media with Bible verses and Biblical quotes, we have Bible themed T-shirts, we scream loudest when we see people pursuing their godly purposes. But we are afraid of being real players. We are not walking the talk, we are cheering those on the narrow road as we walk on the wide one. We are comfortable when we appear Christlike outwardly yet we are empty on the inside. We have become mere fans, screaming at the players, yet afraid to play.

Using terms like ‘my team’, ‘we won’, ‘we played’, does not make you a real player. A real player cannot survive just by owning two jerseys. A real player plays! A true Christian acts! A true Christian is known by their fruits.

Salvation is for real players. You cannot be born again and continue sitting on the fences. God gives you the grace and courage to jump into the field and play: The real work of walking in faith, praying, reading and obeying God’s work and walking in His will cannot be done by a mere fan. Even if you have been a fan for twenty years, the kingdom is for real players only. 

God is calling you and I today to become real players. To be intentional about staying committed to the game. With injuries here and there, with some team mates retiring and leaving the team, having to play even during a pandemic and harsh seasons. The grace is sufficient. The field is open for everyone, and the best part is that we have already won!

“And may your hearts be fully committed to the LORD our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time.” 1 Kings 8:61


5 thoughts on “Real Players Only

  1. A very great analogy, I love this, very insightful.
    I support Chelsea too, But I wanna be a real player in Salvation!

  2. How I pray that I may continue being a player. Not surrender but continue walking on this narrow path

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