Put on your mask first.

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They say that during an emergency while on a flight, one should put on their mask first before helping anyone else around them with theirs. I have flown with my baby a few times and I never imagine trying to fix my own mask before I fix his ( thank God we have never been in need of the masks) Many times I have thought that my son comes first, because he is helpless, and I would take care of him first before I even think about myself. But the truth is, if I don’t put on my mask first, I might die trying to help him out. They say, you have better chances of rescuing others when you have your mask on. It makes so much sense.

Now, many times as Christians we are quick to help others, quick to preach and encourage, quick to tell others how to read the Bible, and how to pray. We are always on a mission to rescue, making sure everyone has their mask on. Unfortunately sometimes we do so without ensuring that we are also masked up. That is why we get shocked when a seemingly ‘strong’ Christian falls. When the one who has been giving marriage advice is suddenly getting a divorce and the one who is always preaching ‘peace and tolerance’ is now sharing hate speech and propaganda during elections seasons. Maybe, we thought they were strong because they cared so much about everyone else around them and forgot to mask up.

I love giving the example of Jesus, the son of God. He was sent here on earth with a purpose. He understood His purpose and was willing to submit to His father’s will amidst all the pain and shame. He moved from town to town preaching the good news to multitudes. Yet He still had time to mask up, He still took time to pray. Luke 5:16 says “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” I keep thinking, He did not have to, He is God. But He did because He knew that without His father He cannot achieve His purpose. He needed to mask up so that He helps all of us put on our masks as well.

Today, this week, don’t forget to take care of your spiritual wellness. You need to be healthy first so that you can pour into others. You may die spiritually while trying to help everyone else stand; Work out your salvation with fear and trembling; have time for yourself. Yes people need help, people need advice, people need a helping hand, but you matter too. Feed on God’s word, pray continually, consume Godly content, then pour out to those around you. Incase of an emergency, be found with your mask on, or at least, know where your mask is located. Your soul matters too. May God help us all.


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