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I remember in Primary school I had a classmate who always answered all questions asked; not all of them were right buts she had to try. Anytime the teacher would ask a question, she would shout ‘pick me!’ ‘teacher pick me!’ All we needed to do was raise our hands and get picked, but she always had to go a extra mile. Lets call her ‘Lisa’. Lisa was born ready! You wouldn’t know her least favourite subject, because she would give answers all day. Plus, she never gave up; even after five wrong answers. Teachers started asking questions with a disclaimer ‘Anyone else apart from Lisa?’ without it, we would all just turn and stare at Lisa; after all, her hand would always be lifted as she shouted ‘pick me teacher’ (I would really like to know if she did that in High school and college…hahaha)

Some of us were however jealous of Lisa. We thought she was too much. We wondered why she was always the willing and available one. Couldn’t she allow others to answer too? Even when we were not lifting up our hands, we felt that she was too much. Was she trying to win the teachers over? Teachers’ pet indeed. I bet she lost so many friends, because they/we were jealous of her confidence. But our jealousy and gossip did not stop her. At the end of each term, she was always being acknowledged for her great performance. Remember we all had equal chance to answering questions and volunteering to perform tasks. But we shied away. Then blamed Lisa!

As children of God, we each have a purpose. God has an assignment for every human being. But it totally depends on our willingness and availability. In Matthew 9:37 “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; How ready are you to heed to God’s calling? Are you Lisa? Willing and ready, shouting ‘pick me God! Use me! Send me!’ or are you one of Lisa’s jealous classmates? Seated in some corner gossiping. Does she always have to be the one? Can’t she give us a chance to also talk? She is so loud! Are you blaming Lisa for playing her role instead of also lifting up your hand and playing your role?

When it comes to your God given purpose, Lisa wont do it for you. It is yours, you are well able and equipped. Many times we are also afraid that we will fail. Thinking we are not qualified enough, not as confident as Lisa, or not ready enough. Do not compare yourself with other laborers. You were created to fit your job description. Your task was meant for you, all you need to do is allow God to use you through His power and might. He can use you.

Isaiah is our perfect example; he was willing and available to be used of the Lord. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

Today God is calling, He is asking ‘whom shall I send? I pray that you be found lifting up your hand and saying ‘pick me please, here I am’


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