My Perfectly Imperfect Girl



Is she perfect? No. But she is the most beautiful girl I know. She has the most beautiful smile and makes all the colours look good. She has the best 9-year-old rabbit teeth and I don’t wish she had dimples, she is beautiful. Her hair is out of this world, wakes up looking like she has just fallen out from a beauty magazine, yet she doesn’t cover her head while sleeping. Her eyes are the type whose glance makes you believe that yes, the beautiful ones are  already born.(Most people say she has my eyes!) I look at her face and everything is rightly positioned, the nose is where it is supposed to be, not very far from the upper lip, and not very squeezed at the center. She is just perfect.

Is she perfect? No. But no one messes with her, no one says anything negative about her in my presence. No one dares mistreat her at my watch. No one makes any negative comment about her around me. I know I must learn to listen to feedback especially from her teachers, but watch out on how you deliver it! I am known to walk in offices demanding explanations why she was told some certain words, or why some comments have been made concerning her. When she was younger she had brown teeth, which all turned black and the all fell out, wasn’t she the cutest? wait, someone made fun of her and she started crying, I pulled the stranger aside and gave him some few words. then walked away telling her how beautiful she looks. That is why I say this princess of mine is just perfect.

So, is she perfect? No. She makes mistakes, she sometimes disappoints me. She now calls herself a pre-teen and  zigs when expected to zag! My rules are broken very often and yes, she gets punished. I know even at school she is not an angel, she may not be the best classmate or student everyday. She is human.  Of course she is punished in school too, and most of the time I am not involved. Which is okay because she is the best in my eyes, in private and in public. She makes perfect mistakes, and disappoints me perfectly. I wont compare her with any other child, she is in her league. She is just perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, today is not one of those days I choose to show her off, there is something that gets on my nerve, when I see children feeling unsafe while with their parents. When their eyes are full of fear because they know their parents won’t do anything. When they are looking for someone to run to when they have made a mistake and find no one to correct them with love. It kills me. Some teachers are known to demoralize children in class, and this kids can only be encouraged at home, but when mom and dad come to school ,beat you up, and when you go back home, they continue killing your spirit for embarrassing them? where will you go to?

Please don’t allow people to belittle your children and intoxicate their minds, don’t allow yourself to gossip about your children and conclude with other parents how ‘this generation is cursed’ and how ‘children are impossible nowadays’. In fact, as a parent you appear foolish when you  always complain about your children and compare them with other ‘perfect ones’. Refuse to use the same lips that you use praying for them and speaking blessings upon them, to curse them or allow other people to curse them. Let them know that no matter what happens, you love them and they are still a blessing from God. Look at your children as perfectly imperfect, accept that they are human beings too, imperfect, but at the same time so perfectly created by God.

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