Perfect Interruptions

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I was taught on what to give priority to every morning as I plan my day using the Eisenhower Matrix. This has helped me manage my time well and accomplish all the tasks I need to in good time. The matrix suggests that what should be done first is that which is urgent and important, the things that are important and not urgent are to be scheduled, the urgent and not important are to be delegated and those that are neither urgent nor important should be eliminated. It works for me most of the time, but other times my day flows with the needs of my family because that comes first.

This is what I mean, even if I had planned to write my devotion at 4:00am, and my husband needs me, I drop my laptop and tend to him. Even if I was to go for a fellowship at 3:00pm and my daughter feels unwell, I drop the fellowship and tend to her. Nothing has ever fallen perfectly according to my schedule especially as a stay at home mum. There are days when I get so many interruptions that at the end of the day my list goes un-ticked. I however do not get mad or troubled, because the interruptions were worthwhile, well, most of them always are. It is fulfilling to give time to my family, even when it means delaying the daily devotions.

Another thing that greatly interrupts my ‘urgent and important’ chores is prayer. I am learning to give urgency to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. At times I get a notification on my social media pages; someone is in need of prayer, sometimes I write names down to pray at a particular time, but at times the Holy Spirit prompts me to make that need urgent and important. It needs to be done immediately. At times it also needs my attention, I have had to go out of my way to make calls, connect people to counselors and make adjustments to my schedule. Now, for this, there are no regrets at all, the Holy Spirit is always right. I would rather forsake my to-do list for His sake.

I look at how Jesus chose His disciples and at times it feels exaggerated. Take Andrew and his brother Simon Peter for example, they probably had plans for the day, as fishermen they probably had a routine, but when Jesus called them, ‘at once’ they left their nets and followed Him. Other versions use the word ‘Immediately’ (Matthew 4:18-22) they had just been told ‘Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’ no other information. I would want to first sort the day’s catch, sort out my family, talk to my mentors, then ask Jesus a few questions on where exactly we are going and of course what is in for me. But the disciples followed Jesus like that was all they were waiting for. All other plans and goals were pushed aside for God’s will to prevail.

Today I pray for such grace, more of that confidence to prioritize God’s promptings and instructions. It is important to note that our plans and schedules are important, but we should not be too rigid to be interrupted by God. AT the end of the day, His purpose should prevail our goals. If He has instructed you to follow Him, the time is NOW. If He has prompted you to take any action, the time is now! You don’t have to sort anything else first; God’s business should be every Christian’s priority. God’s call is urgent and important. It should be answered promptly and with a sense of urgency.

May God help us all.


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