1. You force your children to put on certain clothes to make ‘you’ feel good.(Thank you, hands down)
  2. You campaign for your children to be flower girls in weddings to make yourself feel beautiful, even when they don’t want.(Ooh, too many hands here, thank you, hands down)
  3. You have talked to the class teacher to make your child ‘class prefect’ when he doesn’t fit the position, so that you can tell your friends ‘He is also the prefect of class 2’.(Ooh really? Thank you, hands down)
  4. You have forced/bribed your children to sing/dance in family functions (Wait, raise your hands when I complete the sentence, hands down..) well… If you have forced/bribed your children to sing/dance in family functions even though they just don’t know how to, so that your family stands out as talented(Good, thank you, hands down.)
  5. You tell your kids to take their books and sit in the living room and study when you are expecting visitors so that you receive the glory of having children who love books.(No, lets be honest, its okay if you have raised your hand 4 times already, good, thank you, hands down)
  6. You have trained your child what to answer when asked ‘who is your role model? ‘what would you like to be when you grow up?’ and ‘What are your skills?’(Just raise one hand please, for any of them. Thank you, hands down.)
  7. You only speak to your children in English when you are in the presence of your friends and colleagues.(Straight up please, good, thank you, hands down)
  8. You deliberately take out your best cutlery and expensive snacks to feed your neighbors kids so that they take home the report.(Wow, this is serious, hands down)
  9.  You make sure your children have carried their cute handbags, Bibles and notebooks to church yet it doesn’t other you that the Bibles are not touched Monday to Saturday.(Yes, even pastors are part of the exercise, don’t shy off,,good. Hands down)
  10. You would still raise your hand if your children were here.(Well, no hands up. Its ok, good.)
  11. Thank you for participating.

If you have raised your hand even once:  Your child is not a ‘little you’ they are not your duplicate.

If you raised your hand more than 5 times:  You are missing out on who your children are. Correct before its too late!

If you didn’t raise your hand at No.10: Take your kids out for dinner and apologize.

The truth is sometimes we use our children to find praises and happiness because you can’t find our own happiness. I believe we will be more fulfilled if they excel as who they were created to be.

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