The Faithful Supplier

#TreasuredTruth #356Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many businesses were affected. I have countless messages of people who lost their livelihoods and their businesses went down. Due to the restrictions in movement, the flow of supply of some raw materials was affected. Many people let go of their businesses because they could not access [...]

Take Heed Lest You Fall

#TreasuredTruth #355Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha In school, we had these overconfident group of students who were always awarded as top students. It was almost automatic that their names would be called out for awards at the end of the term. Some would even prepare for the night, how they would receive the prices and the speeches they [...]

Breaking Out

#TreasuredTruth #354Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha The great men and women of faith in the Bible all experienced some kind of barrenness. Top of my mind: Abraham and Sarah waited for Isaac for so long they thought it was impossible. Elizabeth and Zechariah also waited for a child, and when it seemed too late, God blessed them with [...]

Nobody Saul-Paul Coming!

#TreasuredTruth #353Of366#RawderKidulaKedaha I watch people at the airport, each one busy with their lives, and try to imagine who they are and what they are about. Some look confused like they are in some sort of trouble, others look so focused like they have their lives figured out: Like they know exactly what they are [...]

The Sinful Woman

#TreasuredTruth #352Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha The Bible talks about a sinful woman in Luke 7: 36. I sometimes wish we could at least be given a name. How sinful was she? The disciples were mad that Jesus allowed her to anoint him with perfume and wipe Him with her hair. In their opinion, she was too dirty [...]

Learn to Trust in Jesus

#TreasuredTruth #351Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha We all get disappointed by people, things, and situations. Someone once told me that everyone gets disappointed at least thrice daily, the only difference is how we handle it. We also disappoint those around us all the time; because we are human beings far from perfect and bound to fall. The song [...]

Toxic People

#TreasuredTruth #350Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha It is another 'toxic people' season: At the end of each year, social media is often filled with resolution messages. Most people talk about how they are letting go of toxic relationships in their lives. At first, it was a serious resolution and people meant it: But it has now been turned [...]

Leave It On

#TreasuredTruth #349Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha Most of the time we are told to switch off lights when exiting a room. I am struggling with that area of life. My husband is always switching off lights after me asking why I left them on. Well, I just love a well-lit room and not looking for sockets in the [...]

From Chaos To Order

#TreasuredTruth #348Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha Have you ever had the annoying task of organizing a messy room or wardrobe; especially when someone else made the mess? Well, I have severally. especially growing up. My parents would tell me to clean up my younger brother's messes. At times it was too much and confusing, I wouldn't know where [...]

Jumping to Conclusions

#TreasuredTruth #347Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha Because of my crazy boarding school experience, I cringe every time I hear a parent talk about taking their child to Primary boarding school. I was very young, so I cried for years after being subjected to emotional pain. I was always tired because of the cleaning and washing experiences. I never [...]