I Know a Guy…

45/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Everyone knows someone who always knows 'a guy'. Now in this context 'a guy' is someone who knows almost everything. If your phone is broken, they know a guy who can fix, if your car is not working, they know a guy who can sort you very fast, if you are organizing [...]

Put on your mask first.

44/100 #SoWillI #Inspired They say that during an emergency while on a flight, one should put on their mask first before helping anyone else around them with theirs. I have flown with my baby a few times and I never imagine trying to fix my own mask before I fix his ( thank God we [...]

No Experience Needed

43/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Many times I have given up on job applications because of the qualification requirements. To be specific; years of work experience. I remember a season after graduating from university, where I desperately needed a job. I had no experience in the market but all jobs that came my way required five or [...]

Odd jobs for who?

42/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Favoritism and discrimination in families can be traumatizing. I'm so glad that most parents I know have realized that all children and members of the family are important: The level of education, social status, wealth and even marital status should not make one more important in a family setting. We joke a [...]

Unexpected Help

41/100 #SoWillI #Inspired When my husband and I were planning for our wedding, we had a list. (Please if I have shared this story with you, go ahead and read again and react like you are hearing of it for the first time.) So, back to the list. We never had a wedding committee to [...]

Why I was so mad…

40/100 #SoWillI #Inspired The other day I had very bad moods, those that make my husband sneak to work; he literally avoids any type of conversations and sometimes even eye contact and sneaks from the house earlier than usual. Good for him, because in such occasions, I would not even want to be near me. [...]

Know Your Rights!

39/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Three days ago, a man from Naples, Florida, was arrested after beating up his 5-month-old puppy to death. Yes I said puppy. Last month, I also came a cross an article of a man in Idaho facing animal cruelty charges. It got me thinking, animal rights are a big thing. People out [...]

Scared by Numbers

38/100 #SoWillI #Inspired This past week my eyes have seen more numbers than letters. My country Kenya is going through a leadership transition, as I write this, the nation is expecting presidential results to be announced anytime soon. The two main presidential aspirants all seem to be winning, both camps are celebrating, social media platforms [...]

The Silent Majority

37/100 #SoWillI #Inspired The political heat wave is on in Kenya. Emotions are high and each day someone or something is trending. The church included. All I need to do to cause chaos, even within the Christian circles, is to mention my preferred presidential candidate. That's all. The intolerance especially on social media is too [...]

Already Anticipated

36/100 #SoWillI #Inspired One of my aunties recently told me that taking care a baby while still managing the home, full time, qualifies me to apply for an operations manager position. I laughed it off but this morning I am thinking about it. Every weekend I plan for my ten-month-old son's meals, I literally write [...]