One choice led to another…

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When interviewing wives on my YouTube show, I love the ‘how I met my husband’ stories. From childhood friends, to bumping into each other at functions, to working together, to being connected by mutual friends, to serving in church together… then they say, ‘one thing led to another’ I have come to interpret it as ‘process’. Some stories are too long to fit in one conversation, other parts of it are even forgotten, but because of all that, ‘we are here!’ All those conversations, misunderstandings, laughter, tears and any kind of drama in between worked together to produce the 40 years in marriage we all are admiring. Its one choice after another, some small. some big, that make up the process.

Many times when we look at a good season of the product, we may think the process never existed. In every story, in every relationship, in every partnership and friendship, it takes one thing, one choice; which dictates the next. I just spoke to a very happily married woman that I will be interviewing soon, I admire everything about her, she carries herself with so much dignity and honour. As we conversed, she made it clear that she has made it this far because she wakes up and chooses peace and joy, so this dictates all her actions and words. Because her end goal is to have a peaceful marriage full of joy.

The same thing happens in our Christian walk. Someone said, some sins are too complicated to be termed as a ‘mistake’. So many things are involved. Lets take adultery as an example, the planning and lying and hiding that goes on before adultery happens is too much and at times too complicated to be called a mistake. Its one bad choice after another, with so many opportunities to call it off. Yet many times we find ourselves going down that road.

The opposite is also true and possible! It takes one choice at a time to grow in Christ and to be seen as one who is fully grown and mature. When we listen to some of the heroes of faith around us, well, one choice led to another and they chose not to quit!

Christian growth! Yes, its also a process. Made of one choice after another. You may wake up and choose to pray and read God’s word. At first it may not seem useful, you may not see the fruit immediately, but you are planting the seed. All you need is to keep making the next right choice, and the fruit will show! no one got born again and immediately became mature, it always takes a process. It can be stormy and sometimes full of uncertainties, but we keep walking, we press on, one choice after another. Today I pray that you choose to honour God, that you choose to obey, that you choose to be faithful. As you keep walking, God will grant you the courage to keep making the sober choices… do not give up, one day, all these choices will make sense. Focus on making that one good choice today, it will lead to another…

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

~ Selah

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