Now That You Write About Me…


‘There are things about me that you should never write about, some are so private, and you know I am 9 years old.’ That is how a recent conversation started. The girl is my inspiration for this blog, so when the inspiration begins to sway, what will happen to my hobby? She has been always been cool with it. In the beginning she knew I write about her, she even approved the first article, and gave me ideas for few others, then she just let me do my thing, so what has she been told?

Well, let me stop complaining and give you the sad news, she went ahead to list things that are never to appear in  my articles.

  1. Her performance in school, unless she has performed really well. I have been told not to take photos of her report card, and should never expose her weak subjects to the entire world.
  2. Her snoring. This is still a debate between us, one of us snores, I believe I know who, but she says she doesn’t snore. So I am never to mention to people about this snoring story until we establish who snores in that house.
  3. Her underwear, yes, I have been sternly warned about writing about her panties, whether new or old, where she airs them, her favourite colours, where we buy them. This is a no go zone, she says that is so private. No one should even see them. And yes I agree
  4. Boys. If I hear any boy stories in her school, if any boy starts smiling at her, I should not write. Plus, I should not mischievously take photos of her with any boy in the scene, especially boys in her school. She is not interested in boys and I should stop pushing it!
  5. My bad days. You know, everyone has bad days, when they don’t spread their beds, don’t finish homework, watch lots of movies and are just lazy. It doesn’t mean that I am a bad girl. So if you write, people will think am a bad girl.

I know right, she wants to remove all the juicy parts of my articles, and now she wants me to use them to build up her CV. Should I, or should I not? Ooh wait, she has also made it clear that if I ever make any money out of writing about her, she gets a commission because I wouldn’t be writing if she wasn’t there. Guess when that time comes I will make sure the money is sent straight to school as school fees!

Enough said, we had a great conversation which actually ended with her saying, ‘I know you are going to blog about this’ and I winked. It feels good when your child knows you so well!

You know what; I have decided to respect her rules. Not just because she respects mine, but because she has a right to. Sometimes as a parent you can make life about you, expose your children, post their every move and make their lives everybody’s business. Well, let’s give them some privacy. It’s ok to be proud of them and want to share their testimonies with the world, but must we post how they wake up, what they wear, where that live, the schools they attend and how they sleep. (The urge can be there, they look so cute right?) Let’s do what’s necessary. May God help us!

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