Now Forgive Yourself

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One thing we should be all sure of is God’s forgiveness. I have personally struggled believing that God has forgiven me. Sometimes when I sin, guilt blocks me from believing that God’s love is unconditional. Even after confessing my sins according to 1 John 1:9, there is still a voice that reminds me of how sinful I am. But daily I learn to see myself through God’s eyes by reading His word.

God promises us His new mercies every morning. He also commands us to forgive one another in (Colossians 3:13) Very challenging as well, but we manage to pull through especially once we realize that forgiving others frees us.

There is a stage many of us miss out on: forgiving ourselves. This is where we ask God for forgiveness, we forgive those we have wronged and even ask for forgiveness, but we allow the guilt to control us. The only way we can move forward freely is through forgiving ourselves. This means believing that we are completely forgiven and our sins have been cast as far as the east is form the west.

Today, as long as you have asked God for forgiveness: You are completely forgiven. Once you ask people for forgiveness; you have done your part. However, make sure that you are also free, by forgiving yourself. Let go of the guilt. Believe in your heart that you are as white as snow. Yes, you did the worst, the unimaginable; But you are not too far gone from the Lord.

Let it go, your creator has: Forgive yourself.


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