Not Qualified?

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When I decided to pursue media and communications, I knew very well that there were people way much qualified and better than I. First, I was a village girl who had no idea how a radio station looked like, going to class with people whose parents owned media houses. Second, my English was disorganized, that class had people who are born in America, whose English made mine shy away. Interesting enough, there were people who were in a worse place, people who would talk and the whole class would laugh or imitate them because of the mother tongue influence. With our human minds and eyes, we knew who will make it in the media and who won’t. Oh, how could I forget, those days, the appearance mattered a lot too, your skin colour could get you a job which your brains couldn’t. There were students who could afford to look and dress the part.

After our graduation the opposite happened. Some of people who seemed unqualified got jobs very fast. One particular one was the biggest shock because he could speak English in vernacular, no one understood him, yet he got a job as a reporter in a big media house. Sitting in the house watching him on TV was equal to watching Lazarus walk out of the tomb after dying for four days. Some of the well dressed, good looking, eloquent and connected ones never got jobs in the media and even decided to pursue other careers. I got lucky to find a radio job I still thought others deserved more than I did. I remember meeting former schoolmates years later and we would spend time wondering how someone made it. All the time, after finding no valid reason, we would marvel at how God does His things. His ways are not our ways.

That is the same way I reacted when I first read Hebrews 11; I understood why some people are mentioned in the wall of faith, clearly they deserve the mention, we sing their stories from the time we are born. For example; Abraham, Sarah, Noah, Enoch, Jacob, Isaac and Joseph. It is easy to establish the reason why, many chapters later, they are mentioned as people of great faith. But why is Rahab on that list? Yes, Rahab the prostitute we met in Joshua chapter two. Why is a prostitute on the same list with Noah and Abraham? Hebrews 11: 31 ‘By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient.’ Well, the answer is right there, she acted by faith. In the book of Joshua, Rahab made a decision by faith, No longer was she a prostitute in Canaan. She was now a part of the people of God and a believer in the true and living God. The world sees Rahab the prostitute’ God sees ‘Rahab the woman of faith’.

How unqualified are you? What past label do you carry around? What do people call you? How limited and unconnected are you? It doesn’t matter what your answer to these questions are: You need not to worry, today I want to remind you that in God’s eyes your past does not matter, your earthly connections and qualifications do not matter. God uses the weak to shame the strong. He uses the foolish things to shame the wise. Rise up by faith and look at yourself through God’s lenses. You are loved and you are qualified. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. You are a partaker of God’s promises written in His word. You will make it, your name will be mentioned, not because you have it all, but because you are rising above your weaknesses by faith! God’s ways are way bigger than man’s ways. God will qualify you.


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