Not Just a Spark

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Again, I have been found watching the Australian Survivor. This show messes with my emotions, but I find myself going back for more. In the show there is always a fire challenge, where survivors compete to make a fire. I cannot watch this one in one position, I am always panting up and down rooting for the person I support. Smoke is a good sign during this challenge, but not as good as a spark. One survivor said, ‘do not under estimate any spark’

It only takes a spark to get the fire going. A spark is a sign that there is something happening, and it can grow into something bigger. Each of us has a spark in us, The Holy spirit ignites a spark in you in line with your purpose. Maybe you know it and you are fanning it; maybe you are ignoring it. It may appear to be small, compared to what you see in others; it may even be on and off as you struggle to make the fire. But don’t be fooled, it is not just a spark, it is fire in the making.

God is calling us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. don’t be irritated or distracted by the smoke, keep blowing, keep fanning, the spark is a sign of hope. It will soon grow into a fire that will keep those around you warm. It could be through your gifts and talents, a word of encouragement, a Bible verse post on your social media, giving a packet of sugar to that widow, giving your time in ministry, paying a visit to someone in hospital. Whatever it is, it is a spark that has been placed in you for a greater purpose.

The spark may seem small, but it will soon grow into a fire that cannot be ignored. Your light will shine before men and they will praise your father in heaven. Don’t ignore it, it is not just a spark.


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