Not Just A Maid

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I have told you about my job severally but there’s one aspect that never comes out clearly. I was not employed as a radio presenter; I was employed as a music scheduler. That means I was taken in as a behind the scenes person. Then God opened doors for me to be on air. For a long time, people would ask me what I do and I would say ‘I am just a scheduler’, to me, it was not a big thing, especially after main presenters had introduced themselves with so much confidence. The day I knew the importance of my role, my answer changed to, ‘I am the music scheduler’ and I would confidently explain what my work entails. That is the same confidence that opened other doors for me.

I have received many messages of ladies saying ‘I am just a house girl’ before I give counsel or even pray with them, I always want to get rid of that word ‘just’ because it belittles their role. It makes one look down on them and makes it difficult to achieve their purpose for the season. No, you are not ‘just a house girl’ you are a house girl, actually a house manager. This is what I believe, every role has a purpose, it may not look conspicuous, it may not be celebrated, it may not earn you much money, but it is important: If you were not needed you would not be employed.

Remember Naaman’s maid? In 2 Kings 5, she recommends a cure for the king’s leprosy. Okay, what if she kept quite because the kind deserved it anyway isn’t he the one who had commended the army to carry her from Israel? She had been taken captive away from home. Why would she want to offer any help?  Again, being ‘just a maid’ who would listen to her anyway? But she chose to speak, the fate of a great commander rested in the information she had. She was a small servant girl, who had genuine concern and love for Naaman’s family plus great faith. Her ‘small’ role did not deter her from fulfilling her purpose.

Let’s look at Jesse, he made seven of his sons pass before Samuel, but none of them had been chosen by the Lord. He had ignored his youngest, David, who was tending the sheep. But it turned out that he was the chosen one. (1 Samuel 16:10-12) This is a call to those who are highly ranked, those in big positions. Do not ignore and despise those under you, those who sweep around, those who make your tea, those whose jobs seem ‘small’. Those are the people who might be carrying your answer. Those might be the people with the cure to your leprosy. They are not lesser humans, encourage them, support them, acknowledge them and appreciate them.

So wherever God has positioned you in this season, arise and fulfill your purpose. Even in ministries, you are not just an usher, just a Sunday school teacher, just a cleaner? No, you are playing an important role in the kingdom. At such a time as this, God has positioned you where you are for a reason.


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  1. Very true Rawder. I wish the church would know this. I have been through hell leading in a ministry where 65% are degree holders and others are having well paying jobs. It has not been easy and the stigma is so real.

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