Nobody Saul-Paul Coming!

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I watch people at the airport, each one busy with their lives, and try to imagine who they are and what they are about. Some look confused like they are in some sort of trouble, others look so focused like they have their lives figured out: Like they know exactly what they are doing. The latter always reminds me of Paul.

Most of us know that Saul was transformed into Paul on his way to Damascus. Ever wondered what he was going to do in Damascus? Remember Saul was famed for his persecution of the church. He was a well-learned Pharisee, climbing up ladders for keeping and maintaining the law. He did not believe in the Messiah, in fact, the church was interfering with what he believed in. That is why he fought against the church. He was heading to Damascus with an agenda, as instructed by the High priest to arrest Christians and bring them to Jerusalem for punishment; to be imprisoned or even executed.

But God had a different agenda: Nobody saw it coming! Nobody thought someone like Saul could change into Paul. Reading about the two, one really wonders if they are one human being. Of course not, once God transforms you, you become a different person. For Saul, it was a huge turnaround. In Acts 9:1-19 when Ananias laid his hands on Saul, the Bible says ” Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized,  and after taking some food, he regained his strength.”

Many of us look like we have it all figured out, our plans are cast in stone. We have a ten-year plan and are not backing out any time soon. Today, be reminded that God’s agenda is bigger. Seek out His purpose for you and be prepared, it may be the exact opposite of what you had planned. Yet still, be assured, His plan is perfect.

God is still calling out people for transformation. Like Saul, some are shocking, nobody sees it coming. When you meet people who were so deep in the darkness professing the word of God, believe that God is able. That is what he is known for; He changes us from head to toe. He takes something so dirty and filthy and makes it beautiful. If you have been praying for someone’s transformation, don’t give up. God is still in the business of ‘Paul-making’ He will call out their names and you won’t see it coming. When it comes, keep praying and supporting them.


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